S700 on the use of advanced radio experience

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Grundig Satellite 700 on the use of advanced radio experience
First introduce myself, I have engaged in economic work, electronics do not know much like listening to the radio, is a standard radio enthusiasts, to long-time forum we see more, write less, with radio few have advanced radio sony icf-sw77 one, and this is my only radio, although expensive purchase, spent 4700 yuan, but the high frequency of use, the morning cooking, reading magazines at night, weekends do home, are driving the radio, if the average cost of using financial indicators (purchase price divided by the use of time) to evaluate, are also considered good value for money.
Kent heard the machine better sound quality, has had a chance to personally experience, to get from the Special Administrative Region while ago, “I am Hong Kong people,” Comrade special assistance, like something Grundig Satellite 700 Radio finally reached my senior hands, s700 after winning though exciting, but I do not know how to use that, after a week of its manual (English) detailed intensive, although the university has won six English certificate (that is a few years ago, the old almanac), plus electronics jargon barriers to its general instructions about the content can only be considered 80%, barely know how to use it.
About eighty-five received s700 into a new, locally slight scratches, normal performance, photo below:

1 2 3 4

This number is SAT.700G.RB 012954703208344550 s700 making body for the Portuguese (portugal).

Were equipped with the original AC ADAPTOR NR90 Grundig external power supply, the production lot number 9436A, manufacture in China, were selected as the input voltage 220-240V or 110-127V, output voltage of 9 volts, current 500 mA, transformers and large heavy, more solid, relatively my laptop (IBM R40) transformer, NR90 external power supply work is rough, bloated, but to meet the normal use, has inadvertently NR90 external power supply drop, intact, from one side reflects its excellent quality.

Jizi been equipped with three memory can store 2048 radio stations, by traveling to Beijing of the machine, I was for it with a four D-type (ie, 1) NiMH rechargeable batteries, each battery capacity is 7500 mA , purchased in the West four electronics market, four to spend $ 110 a good saddle horse with a good thing, huh, huh!

We all know that s700 There are two models, one is the Italian model, another non-Italian model, the main difference is that according to legal restrictions in different countries, listen to different frequency bands, my s700 non-Italian model, band range (Wavebands) for the FM: 87.5 -108 MHz; SW: 1612-30000 kHz; MW: 528-1611 kHz; LW: 150 -353 kHz.

View of the jars, people have been asking s700 and sony sw77 which a radio is good, and this has been some controversy, through the s700 advanced use of radio for nearly a month now on my S700, when in actual use to talk about the views of some of my feelings do not make our decisions, and encourage one another.

(A) appearance
s700 more traditional design, straight lines, bright, giving the atmosphere, heroic feeling, is a typical European style.

Machine housing relative sony icf-sw77 work more general terms, mainly the mold is not fine enough precision design, chassis and body is relatively large gap between the knob, open the display lighting at night, as much light from the right Ministry knob shot, shell thickness is thinner, not sony icf-sw77 case that strong, sophisticated feel.

S700 larger, with 305 * 180 * 65mm, panel design from about the middle into two parts, the left speaker, the right is the display and keyboard, the keyboard more features, is divided into four blocks of color, red, gray, black, white keyboard, different colors indicate different functional categories, keyboard feel hard, is not new to when the habit a long time, I feel quite good.

sw77 relatively smaller size, a large panel display than the S700, the keyboard is characterized by the shape of each type of buttons to indicate different functions, there is a rectangular type buttons, round type keys, raised surface, like a button, a surface dent class keys, different forms of different types of key functions, keys feel more comfortable.

(B) the sound quality

S700 in the sound quality slightly better than the sw77, the difference mainly in the sw-band reception, in fact, the sw sw77-band receive audio quality can be, but somewhat less than the s700, the FM band reception, s700 characteristics and advantages of the sound quality is not Obviously, the two planes are relatively good sound quality.

Many users addicted to s700 of the “fluffy sound” from a personal point of view of practical use, “fluffy sound” can be felt when listening to the sound somewhat similar to the overall sound quality of old-fashioned transistor radio, more loud, I like IC radio reception and sound transistor radio, s700 also have these two conditions, this is my long-awaited.

But I ‘fluffy sound “is not obsessed, on the contrary, accept the sw bands, generally I will the sound quality adjustment knob’ boss’ most adjusted ‘-‘, then the voice of feeling the best, most satisfying. In short, sound like my sony display, adjustable color temperature, as different people have different feelings and experience, this is a benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom of the problem

(C) the reception area

Some friends on the network that “for the same weak units, s700 of the reception is excellent, the sound can be heard clearly, but sony icf-sw77 is a noise,” I do not agree with this view, although I often listen to radio, but not always the reception of the two machines compare, sometimes two a night drive on an intention to listen for comparison, was intentionally listen to radio stations in Singapore and Huayi two weak units, s700 to receive the radio signal, sw77 also receive, s700 to receive interference noise, sw77 also received, found no significant difference between the reception, so I can not separate the effect that the acceptance of the radio even better.

So I conclude with normal hearing point of view, no two machines can feel the difference in the reception, the main difference from the sound quality. Of course, I think this is not the same, after all, two machine manufacturers, acceptance is certainly a difference, but the difference is slight, need special equipment to measure, rather than the human ear can distinguish.

(D) aspects of intelligence

Intelligence aspects of s700 was not as good sw77, sw77 can be done by a radio button to select the current frequency being broadcast-related, and can automatically select the frequency is being broadcast a best reception on the display with the “on air” that is currently being broadcast radio. As sw77 higher degree of intelligence, you need a larger database, and storage space of only 162, relatively less than normal, affecting the effectiveness of its intelligent play.

The s700 is a step by step and hand selected radio frequency, when there are a number of radio broadcast frequencies to be selected when a frequency is being broadcast, but also murmuring: 1,2,3, …, not on the screen like the sw77 as an optional position of digitally encoded frequency display, not to the operator to prompt. Upon receiving radio signals, but also on personal feelings to confirm whether you want to listen to the radio, because then there may be want to listen to the radio frequency broadcast at this time no other radio station in this period, The frequency is broadcast. Unlike sw77, as with the “on air”, said: being broadcast is exactly what you want to listen to the radio. But I noticed that I the next version of s900 s700 in this regard has been made to improve. As s700 intelligent design is not perfect in terms of relative sw77, although s700 radio frequencies can be stored in 2048, but in actual application, it does not feel convenient, huge storage space, the play has not been effectively used.

Of course, if you listen to the radio, the radio frequency used to directly enter, then s700 and sony sw77 factors that you need not be considered intelligent.

(E) simultaneous detection

s700 in the use of synchronous detection as sw77, mainly s700 synchronous detection background noise than the sw77 obvious, and muffled, thus I guess the s700, although the use of synchronous detection is sony’s technology, but technology behind the advanced level in sw77.

(F) battery testing and charging function

s700 within ten seconds in the just-machine can be battery detection, bar code displayed by the amount of electricity for use in use, be aware of and can use its configuration AC ADAPTOR NR90 external power for charging, After re-charging automatically stops charging to prevent the power overshoot, protect the battery. The sw77 only the battery power is low, low-voltage indication, and automatically shut down, users can replace the battery, a random configuration of the external power supply can not charge the rechargeable battery.

(G) other

1, s700 each function key changes is the use of pressing the button to convert the length of time, only one finger to complete, sw77 each function key changes is the use of two function key combination to transform, with hands in order to be complete comparison, s700 more convenient to use.

2, s700 top of the handle design, to facilitate short-distance moves, sw77 design on both sides of a strap for easy long-distance move, feeling the usual handle more practical use, because my sw77 both sides of the strap is not frequently used, not installed in the machine body, over time, dust actually install the parts from the body into the rectangular hole in the front display, the unpleasant, but to use transparent tape to both sides of the rectangular hole sealed.

3, s700 of the keys in use, if unintentionally pressed the wrong button, will beep to remind, more humane, sw77 no such function

4, s700 s-table closer to the real situation, sw77 easier to meet the s table, the ability of the radio signal transmitting medium, can escape to reach the full grid.

5, s700 built-in lithium battery, you can lose all energy supply, save time, set the other machine data 1500 hours; sw77 no built-in lithium battery, by the bulk capacitor can only hold time, settings, and lack of machine data one hour.

6, s700 has a RDS feature, you can display the station name and weather data, sw77 without this feature. Since I live in the city vice-channel FM radio RDS system is not opened, so RDS function is temporarily useless, but in the long run RDS function is useful, RDS function better than nothing.

7, s700 with mono and stereo options, sw77 no such function, the actual feeling of the use of mono and stereo select function uses less.

8, s700 manual tuning function is similar to the drug to achieve the use of cap-like hand adjustment knob, sw77 with built-in Jog wheel to achieve the manual tuning function. From the feel and ease of use on the terms of s700 of the design even better. s700 manual tuning step of 100 Hz, sw77 manual tuning step of 50 Hz, superior technical accuracy sw77, s700 had to design a frequency tuning functions, are also considered for technical precision has to make up for shortcomings.

9, s700 rod antenna can be fixed to a certain tilt angle, easy to receive, the more distinctive design; sw77 rod antenna technology for the production of matte, long and often use new Mi, process quality and more features.

Buy recommendations:

Some Internet users send text messages asking me, when you want to purchase in ham2000, s700, sw77 selected a, what a good, frankly speaking, ham2000 I do not know, limited understanding of their level of proficiency in reading instructions, but I want to be removed first, not me unpatriotic because he is German, although born of “beloved”, and its R & D also experienced a more difficult process, but after all, our objective in the IC in terms of the difference is quite different and foreign, The IC is a product of the heart, the product plays a decisive role.

Aside these three radio in the IC do not speak, do not compare in other areas, only the contents of each of its product brochures, for 11 contrast, the radio quality is good to poor legislation, interested users can try.

Sometimes the strength of a product is a microcosm of the entire country in the electronics industry, German students have developed rapidly, like a baby in swaddling clothes, gratifying, but strength is not strong, which is China’s development of the entire electronics industry, Japanese (such as sony), the slow development of the European system, but it is a giant, you noticed that sony radio IC R & D strength, the world’s leading, multinational companies in technology investment is staggering, not Desheng a medium-sized enterprises can do. Technology, product leadership is not surprising.

Browse a few years ago, “Desheng” website, the company introduced in order to have some technical training in Japan by the staff take pride in, and some high-end radio test equipment for Nissan, as a promotional product technology Ngau head from one side also reflects China’s electronics industry and the Japanese, European differences.

Reformed turn the book, if s700, ham2000, sw77, sw7600gr, Sangean 909 to choose from, I will first consider s700, then sw77, then Sangean 909, then sw7600gr, last ham2000, this is my purchase suggested that this result does not meet the desire of some users, on behalf of my personal point of view

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