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TESUN HAM2000 receive the second night (random data, interference)

Just finished eating will open HAM2000, transferred to 9845, interference, change to 11785, well, you can hear the. Look my HAM2000, is the product in July 2004, No. HAM070400997, random manual is in English, with a HAM2000 dedicated user tracking table, there is a room temperature electrical properties of the test data record sheet, there is a Quick Guide, is plastic, there is a HAM2000 radio communication receiver circuit, as well as an advising clients tell us that this must not own repair professional receivers. Information should be better than the previous buy, and more on us. Information is transparent bags with paper, also attached to a plastic folder, estimated Chongqing wave sent it.

I post this estimate is improved HAM2000 it, because the manual is in English, the key is that the former people’s power is not the biggest headache of a double standard, model SY-E148-091500, type 220V50Hz, output 9V1500mA, positive with respect to, the Dongguan Jin Ying Electronics Co., Ltd. manufacturing. So I said no previous battery was short only clear, but rather than pull out antenna SONY 7600GR have better reception. But I still order a six rechargeable batteries, such as arrival and then with alkaline batteries to buy six more.

Been hearing 9:30, in the 11785 are relatively clear, although there is interference, but does not affect listening. 9:40 Xu, serious interference, and has overshadowed the soundtrack, and I quickly press the SYNC, expect miracles out. Unfortunately, no, after a few seconds, SYNC automatically locked. No, ah, the Internet is not introduced HAM2000 synchronous detection than SONY 7600GR okay, should not ah. Think, is not too stressed USB-LSB, then added by the SSB USB-LSB, a little strong, but still did not eliminate the interference, although the original sound larger, but still smaller than the interference of the sound.

Down, do Tai Yuen 3500 machine is the effect of the machine, it may lose out.

See BANDWIDTH button, and think of yesterday is the best bandwidth 4 times as broken electrical, re-boot has been returned to the default 6. Immediately press BANDWIDTH, the bandwidth switch from 6 to 4, ha ha, but also some strong, but still can not eliminate the interference, and interference is basically the same as the volume of.

There is no other way to reduce interference and improve receiver effect? Up around it, and drink this year’s new tea, green tea fragrance, full of refreshing. Suddenly, I thought I could in case of loss of sound quality, rather than directly with SSB SYNC listen to ah. Thought to action, a few steps back HAM2000 immediately in front of a single press SSB USB-LSB ammonium button. Miracle out, acoustic overshadowed interference. Success! ! !

TECSUN HAM2000 receive the third night (compare old and new machines, function keys)
With the same two days before, immediately after dinner to open HAM2000, bring up the local FM music station to enjoy life.

Ren Tianhong made in October 2003 when the evaluation unit, said he HAM2000 is the third generation, and I was in July 2004 that the production and testing, should be considered the fourth generation of the bar. He at that time to buy or mark of S800, and the standard of my name is HAM2000 up. I think the front of the fourth generation of a relatively greater improvement

The first is power up. S800 only started selling when the power of the short-wave interference is very serious, causing foreign and domestic widespread protests. At that time the power is a double standard, in order to adapt to the 110V and 220V, joined the inappropriate components, resulting in many master friction power. I have this power is the exclusive, only 220V input, and is gold surplus produced, short-wave receiver has no effect. Of course, battery power and the impact of short-wave contrast a few days I will do, that time will have the final conclusions.

The second is the quality of the. Previous HAM2000 individual differences are relatively large, and somewhat wrong, for example, the antenna is not good pull, keys feel stiff, tuning flywheel swing problems, and I used this for three days, did not feel any problem. The S800 is suspected previously failed test can not be exported to the domestic defective.

The third is a synchronous detector. Ren Tianhong it is a tribute to the SYNC HAM2000 stronger than 7600GR, and I feel this is not obvious, but rather that anti-interference ability of SSB alone stronger.

Fourth, the sound quality. Significantly lower than in 1959 felt almost in FM. In fact 1959 has no effect Pompon, personal radio station that is now most do not make audio CD, and all the all-computer-on-demand. S700 did not hear a lot of people say the sound Puff, I think are useless CD-level audio source it.
Fifth is the SCAN function. This is a time to scan, how did basically made before, but I think the more practical. This feature is the storage location is divided into 70 7 ,00 -09 is a period of 10 to 19 is behind the analogy. Press the SCAN button, the frequency will automatically start from the current circulating in this paragraph, one by one in order play automatically for 5 seconds each frequency, allowing you to identify the signal strength of the units. Similar to browsing on the TV remote control radio functions. I have this evening is to the same radio frequency at different times of the existence of a different segment, use the SCAN button to play automatically, manually to find the strongest signal frequency. This is not an automatic pick Sangean 909 strongest frequencies better.

Let me say HAM2000 function keys feel it.
The first is the volume button. Wow, too much bad, incremental volume is high, I did not dare turn the volume knob so far been the biggest tune, the sound too loud. It can be compared with what, HAM2000 volume to the three already transferred the equivalent of 1959 full.

The second is the BASS and TREBLE button. Effect is obvious, these two buttons marked from 0 to 10 is not transferred to the same feeling listening. Unfortunately, it is not quite on the level speakers.

The third key is the BANDWIDTH. You can choose 6.0,4.0,2.3 three bandwidth, very useful, three-day experience is the best bandwidth of 4.0.

The fourth is the SCAN key. As already described, a very useful function, cycle pick frequency.

Fifth is the SSB button. Also used in front, anti-interference ability.

Sixth is the tuning knob. High precision, short wave is under 0.1, will help close a weak station, but another downside is the search platform is too slow, and I personally can not stand, so the station search when the first 9700 quickly find out the frequency, then the number keys input frequency, and finally with fine tuning flywheel.
Well, knew it had to 11 points, followed by how, goodbye tomorrow.

TECSUN HAM2000 received the fourth night (local antenna)

First added yesterday forgot to write a function key, store the radio buttons. HAM2000 memory keys can store seven information: band, radio frequency, operating mode, the bandwidth, AGC setting, attenuation (indicators) and synchronous signal detection. The radio should be kept general before two, now I do see only HAM2000, or only heard HAM2000 have this function, the radio should be no other. Very good storage capabilities.

This evening focuses on the local antenna of the test (limit is 8 pm or so). Because the back of the antenna interface HAM2000 three, there are FM / AIR, there SHORTWAVE ANTENNA 1 500, there SHORTWAVE ANTENNA 2 50’s. Because it is a dedicated interface, spiral interface, I do not engage in, we had to try the outdoor antenna.

First FM.
In the case of the antenna does not pull out, you can receive seven strong local station, and my MP3 collection of the same. These seven units are 89,90.9,92.8,96.5,104,105.3,107.8, very clear.

Pull out the antenna, can receive 13 units, more units are 95.4,98.9,99.9,102,103,104.6, in addition to a station a little weak, the other is clear, and BCL2000 received as the antenna.

I use an outdoor antenna can receive BCL2000 with 28 units, and the other 15 units is 86.6,87.2,87.8,90,90.2,90.5,91.5,91.8,93.3,96.1,99.3,100.5,101,106,107.
Can be seen in the FM, the antenna effect is obvious, but HAM2000 native FM antenna sensitivity on the little attractions.
The second is Polish.

In no case the local antenna can receive 6 MW units, are clear, they are 846,900,1098,1314,1377,1404.
Out of the machine under the antenna can receive the same six sets, but collapsed, there are two sets is not clear, and they are 900 and 1377, of which 1377 are unclear.

Visible in the Polish case, since the local antenna is counter-productive. Because no way to access the outdoor AM antenna, a first comparison here.
Ah ah, my wife came to use computers to learn, to have been here tonight. See tomorrow.

TECSUN HAM2000 receive the fifth night (local antenna added, headphones, batteries)

The third is short.

As usual, the first antenna is not pumping. Enter 6110,9575,11785,11825,11965,11990,12040,15250 and 17,660 other 9 units. The first eight units are available to listen to the signal strength between the 2-3, 17660 0, and not to listen.

Out of the antenna. The first eight units there is no obvious change in signal strength between the 7-10, 17660 changed the way to 6, has been clearly audible.

Visible HAM2000 1.414-meter antenna is not pulled the white roof, do not pull the antenna in the case for most radio stations are available to listen to, save you a lot of effort to pull the antenna. For some weak units, it needs to run for the antenna.

SSB and air temporarily did not try, because I do not know the local frequency, for the time being not so much time to search units.

Next, to test headphones.

Take out the big machine with headphones, is the kind of college English major headphone headset, because the interface with the audio interface, with large, only the headphone plug into HAM2000 back on the private interface. Switch to the local FM station, dizzy, the effect is very bad!

Do not say no stereo, and the volume is also small. What causes it. Quickly took out the computer with headphones, plug into the headphone jack HAM2000 on a common front. Strange, strange, loud, stereo effect is shock ah!

Look for the reasons, the original is there this HAM2000 headphone speaker line short circuit on the poor contact, appropriate touch of the volume knob, the effect came out, much better than the computer headphone, worthy of so much of a headset.

I this case it probably is, I hope you buy HAM2000 do not have this problems.

Then try the wireless headset.

From HAM2000 transmitter front panel connected to the headphone, power, feeling only a slight impact on HAM2000 seems HAM2000 electromagnetic shielding, or at least good.

Well, the test battery.

Because the electric tiger knew HAM2000, so order a number of battery back

Be fitted with an ordinary battery, boot, bring up the weak units, by comparison, has no power to interfere with the old HAM2000 problem with random supply and battery, there is no short in the closing big difference, is feeling the sound quality is better with the battery, is the clear number.

Ordinary batteries can not stand HAM2000 high current, because the battery ticket heartache to buy tickets immediately put it back the battery-mail. Rechargeable battery not charging, the voltage is basically in between 1.20 to 1.24, which is six less than 7.5V battery only add up. Power, low voltage direct tips, as did not dare turn up the volume, and the general feeling of the same cell, at least I could not distinguish what is the difference.

Carrying HAM2000 walk around everywhere in the house, try room for HAM2000 shortwave sensitivity. Carefully looking at the long antenna, home door for fear of being hit head ah. Through the window, balcony, room and stairwell comparison, did not feel significantly different. Proved once again that the obvious effect of 1.414 m antenna! ! !

Suddenly, no sound of. See HAM2000, has been automatically shut down about 26 minutes listening to it, remove the battery test voltage, in addition to a voltage dropped to 0.3, the other five were dropped by 0.1-0.2 voltage, very strange, ah, I do not explain . Electric Tiger has been confirmed anyway!

I HAM2000 of this is the subject of static electricity under 510mah, 1000mah-1500mah seems to work is not fake, Barbara does indeed electric tiger.
Connected to external power, reboot, normal. No old HAM2000 can not machine situation.

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