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Compare models: Anjan DTS-09, Degen DE1103 and Tecsun PL600
(1103 comparison test, and only, PL600 is a mature model does not compare)
Comparison: 1, the band reception, 2, manual, automatic search and storage effects, 3, mirroring and drift
4, 5 audio and sound quality, operational performance, 6, process and recommendations
I have the DTS-09 Serial Number: A0009904000598

(Test problems, the conclusion simply)
1, each band reception:
Testing process:
I spent three days at different times for each band, each time receiving the same band of ability to listen to the stability, mirror sets, and elegant, the audio input of sound, different channels of sound, the volume of different sound quality audition.

The band: DTS-09 and DE1103 reception is the same, with no “bad” or “somewhat less” feeling. Only adjust the direction, the reception how much appear some differences (there are two machines clutter, clutter point size will be different), do not seriously comparing not feel the difference.
In the FM band: the interference of the antenna body is somewhat different (the same as the distance between two different machines). Properly adjusted, DTS-09 is very good reception.
Many previous DTS-09 on the FM band measurement problems, at least in my machine does not appear on the poor reception of the phenomenon than the DE1103. Can be received around the firing range of Taiwan are very clear.
Reflect most of the FM band DTS-09 is better DE1103 sensitive, this machine I have here in my very good reception. And DE1103 is the same, a good stereo radio performances, DTS-09’s sound effect is good than my 1103 (sound field effect is not just referring to the separation of left and right channels). Please note that I used a (very) meaning of the word.
Shortwave tuning on a fixed station when, DTS-09 fade, fade very obvious, point to the frequency effect is very good, very clear and stable (except for man-made interference Taiwan). This is much better than 1103.
I am not here to receive BBS function, do not know what frequency, but conversion to the BBS features, no string-band phenomenon, has been the way the BBS.

2, manual, automatic search and storage results:
Manual and automatic search for DTS-09 and DE1103 vary greatly, because the two different machine software, operating in different ways, DTS-09 because the panel more than a large button, the button is very detailed division of labor, as long as you do not edit the station name, the operation is very simple. The DE1103 accounted for as much display panel position, the button to simplify a lot of buttons had a multi-button or simplify the search function (DE1103 products a few years ago, after all), you must understand the functions of all buttons and 1103 skilled , you will feel DE1103 is simple.
However, there is a function of DE1103 and DTS-09 can not be compared, not on this feature DE1103. This feature is a manual deposit station, press the search button up and down, DE1103 radio station to stop the search to four seconds to give you the opportunity to keep Taiwan, if you missed it and continued to search. The DTS-09 this function is called the preview, if you do not want to use the preview feature and would like to direct storage, you can press the search button up and down, when the search to the radio, the frequency of freeze-frame, you simply press about storing keys on it, if you do not press the search button, the search will not continue, it is very convenient.
“Frequency direct input function”, DTS-09 and are also very different DE1103, DE1103, when the input frequency or short-wave band to press the FM button to determine, each station must do so. The DTS-09 is very simple, you just need to listen to the band selected, and then directly enter the number of any frequency band can be heard. Simply have to surprise you.
Please friends do not ignore these differences, which is high-end machine “high” one of the signs ah.
Although the DTS-09 also features an automatic storage table, I suggest that users save sets or manually save sets when the most convenient, because the DTS-09 automatic storage platform had become too sensitive to receive a bad thing, a little strong signal will be able to save, you have to keep Taiwan one by one after the removal of unnecessary frequency position.

3, mirror sets, and drift
DTS-09 without any drift, which means you will not run the selected station sets. The radio image, depending on your listening environment. Any number of high-end machine will appear, but I had not occurred during the test image interference.

4, audio and sound quality
I most care about sound quality, no matter how high-end machine, the sound quality is not good is the most impact on people’s emotions.
DTS-09’s sound quality, the new machine is switched on, because the speaker is no open burning, the sound is still too tight, nausea, and so listening to three days later (day continuous playback) open burning of some speakers, the sound Naiting, and if the A few months after the test, the sound quality would be better. Now I sound a bit close to the German health R9700 (explain, German students R9700 is my opinion, sounds the best, most realistic sound quality of the machine, though many users commented R9700DX and later went into the figures show how good quality machine , but I bought a few are given away, because the decorative features of the new high-bass machine, muffled sound I feel uncomfortable, listen up every day or only retained their R9700).
Especially good on my computer sound card to do audio, plug into the audio input interface 09, voice broadcast over the radio sounded a lot, because there are differences in the quality of radio, sound quality is also different. Therefore, to test the speaker with good audio sound quality is very good approach, but definitely not the output audio volume too high, with the volume of the radio buttons to adjust the volume.
DTS-S09 sounds close to the R9700, sounds more natural and realistic. I am in the hands of DTS-09 is much better sound quality than the DE1103.
My DE1103 good reception, but horn sound like a total sent from a closed box, and if his hand over his mouth to speak, Meng Meng (perhaps an individual phenomenon), so I have as a collection of 1103 products for the table, leisure in his hand playing fun playing with its functionality. Generally do not take it to listen to news and music, while the DTS-09 is no such phenomenon.
However, I only feel inadequate is, DTS-09’s sound position on the music, the treble a little distortion (Note: not the fever out of the ears is not listening). Choice may be better to eliminate some of the speakers (this tecsun obvious choice of speaker-grade, high-end machines are not made barbed treble horn, bass, however, have been relatively flat tenor thick, moderate, able to meet a variety of tastes) . If the DTS-09 is no “news” and “music” choices, and to “tone” control wheel, the effect would be better, users can adjust according to their preferences.
DTS-09 through-output, bass generous than the 1103, normal headphones to listen to not come out, I use Sennheiser HD600 headphones only hear the bass generous, pure. Headphone output of the bass less impressive.
Popular burning machine that point, like buying a brand-name shoes, also apply to first time, will know the quality and comfort shoes. Although the right size shoes, never worn, began to wear are not very comfortable to wear after a few days to adapt, the upper stretch of the feet will feel comfortable. Listening to speakers is the reason, the new speaker did not sound good. Good shoes will not be deformed a few years, has been very comfortable. Bad shoes very comfortable beginning a few months, Yuechuan Yue deformation, the more good-looking. Horn did not sound good start, play more, speaker cone relaxed, restored, and the sound will be more pleasant. )

5, the operating performance
Operation is no need to say, the later the more advanced features of the machine (refer to the same grade) so far, DTS-09 features the display is the most complete.

6, process and recommendations
DTS-09 is not satisfied from the appearance of the process on the local, personal aesthetic might be poor, I feel the machine in addition to the color too dark, the body is very stable, battery box design is very user-friendly.
I like the original German design students, is on the grade, and Degen good materials used, process fine, but the designs have become stingy (personal appreciation), DTS-08 safety and health products before I share.
The DTS-09 is now completely beyond, called fine. DTS-09 later models (some are promotional models, not a real machine), I hope the above fine boutique.
Hope Anjan shell process is more delicate, softer feel, more sophisticated tooling, solid cell polyethylene foam rubber, preferably into the sea, the button can guarantee the life of tens of thousands of times without failure is even more outstanding.
Anjan DTS-09’s sound a bit more solid but high frequency spikes, there is room for improvement Alto, personally think that the problem is the grade speakers, speakers (speakers) should be used only with the better models.
Speakers (speaker) sound quality is reflected in the key, no matter how the internal line? Good speaker gives the impression that good. Good as if not a good singer, composer known as (name some singers are not even music theory), a good song first made famous by the singer’s. “Song” made famous the “composer” will be red. That’s “singing” like a radio speaker, composer of “scores” like a radio in the advanced circuitry and advanced devices. So, good circuit design and radio components do not have good speakers are good and do not reflect the grade of your machine. If the material cost of a radio is $ 100, accounting for at least 15-20 million speakers.
Anjan DTS-08 models made before, my idea of ​​ranking: Germany Health First, Degen second, third security key;
DTS-09 appears my mind made machine ranking: tecsun first, the second security key, Degen third.
From PL600, DE1103 and DTS09 three machines to see: security key first, a second German, Degen third.
tecsun is because HAM2000 and S-2000, the German-made radio boss generated. Other models are for surface does not change the core (of course, to cater to a variety of consumer tastes and market demand). However, German students have high-level technical support and reliable after-sales and a lot of Fans (fans).
With DE1103 Degen, from DE1104 after a face-lift, but not much on the appearance and quality breakthrough. (Look ah).
A sense of security keys have come from behind. Anjan has modest resistance, progressive spirit, security key consumer products have been trusted, but security is still way off key ah! Also need to introduce new products to exceed the former ah.
If the button has also been “HAM2000, S-2000 and pocket the DTS-09, (seen from the DTS-09 has a security key technical support) will be made three fine contend the situation, there will be more machine-made high-end machine popular type and high-end models, and radio enthusiasts will have more choices. At that time, Sony Panasonic fever is no longer the object of their worship hope security key technical personnel who do not like the government officials as to the fraud, fool the taxpayers, but a real, learn German students and Degen’s marketing experience, the introduction and digestion of foreign advanced technology, the industry do careful and meticulous precision, because it is science and technology rather than politics. the development of enterprises rely on the technology advanced.

DE1103, PL600, and DTS-09 is a fine three different periods, from the reception, there is no much difference, from the operating performance and design, the three very different, of course, the later the more upscale, do not believe you over the three to buy, sure, your favorite, or DTS-09 has. Of course, the other three new machine out, DTS-09 will be eliminated, as your collection.
I say DTS-09 is fine, it draws DE1103, PL600 ideas to improve the appearance and software. For users to buy which model is good, my suggestion is to look at ourselves is what kind of person, young or old, ordinary enthusiasts, general enthusiasts, advanced equipment enthusiast or collectors.
General lovers: Of course the more recent purchase of a high-end machine is also suitable, new opportunities more than the old model improvements. DTS-09 is the best choice, placed in the home is the atmosphere, significant level.
If you hesitate to buy the DE1103, I believe you will definitely want to buy after use DTS-09’s. Because I made ​​it very clear above.
Old lovers: DTS-09 the most suitable, large font display, see clear, easy to operate, the elderly go out less, take a little more than walking, is also convenient to carry.
DTS-09 is to give them, the best friend a gift, the atmosphere and quality. Do not waste money DE-1103 (sent young people can buy), spent the money, get a good machine also complain of falling.
The young lovers: PL600, DE1103, DTS09 are your choice, see you love the look and functionality, and do not have to worry about the two planes of reception, do not care about small differences in sound quality.
DE1103 is very different, there will be no more of this machine.
DTS-09 is very stylish, later there will not be so focused on a multi-functional machine.
Enthusiasts and collectors: With DE1103, must have a DTS-09, a completely different experience. Two represent different periods of fine machine and collectibles. PL600 collection you do not, the idea of ​​Taiwan and Germany to buy raw HAM2000 (discontinued, unfortunately) and it, or S-2000

Of the security key recommendations:
Although the DTS-09 has many advantages commendable, but the criticisms and recommendations before users or manufacturers should pay attention to and improve the product to keep 100% pass rate, “destroy” individual differences. The demolition would rather not reach the market. My comment was previously released, then no matter how good the design, even the best components, even the best technology, if not superior assembly quality and management, a small welding mistakes will make your product becomes inferior by the superior, loss of reputation, loss of market.
Advice for users:
Commenting on the radio, some users tend to receiver sensitivity as a value indicator to compare, to take the most remote, most weak units to compare, look at these weak units function to receive the information, it shows that these machines to receive the best, I purchased the machine and listen to based on years of experience, many well-known brands and do not care about sensitivity, and care about sound quality and performance stability.
Because the higher the sensitivity, the details received more clutter to appear more obvious, the designer is taboo these clutter. Like television, high sensitivity, the more serious point of snow, so manufacturers often have to reduce the receiver sensitivity, so as to ensure image quality, you can take a closer look at Germany, Sennheiser headphones are low impedance headphones 32 ohms (tens of dollars and several hundred dollars), while high-end headphone impedance is 300 ohms indeed (2000 yuan), and why? Users to analyze one of his secrets, I am not here to interpret the secret.
Some enthusiasts prefer to receive the most remote machine to measure the radio reception is good or bad, ignoring the sound quality. In addition to very specialized requirements, such as engaging in monitoring the work of the reception is very strict, but the sound quality much.
As we all know, during the Cultural Revolution is outside the station can not receive, traitorous collaborators who is receiving, say you are a spy. But I am in college 76 years English, foreign language department students need to listen to Voice of America and Britain BBC as teaching aids, when no foreign teachers face to face, the school has a radio is imported special approval of the public security organs, only able to listen to the Department of Foreign Languages foreign radio and recording, received very good results, but also interference. High-end machines on the market today there is no machine can compare. This machine you can afford it?
So I say, machine evaluation unit is necessary for such a harsh civil right, the stability of the radio reception is good, clear voice Naiting not hurt the ears is the best, the other to see the appearance, function and process of operation. Do not seek re-light homes, far away. As if a person’s eyes, hearing a good look at the middle of drama would have a good position you can sit, why because you have good hearing and eyes, it must sit very far, very remote areas go to listen to ah?
A radio receiver works well, often heard of (domestic and foreign) sets a very clear and stable, you want to receive remote Gan Mafei, weak station to listen to and demonstrate the machine and the bad? Why buy a machine to care about the machine’s users comment on the introduction of these indicator? This is the assessment of machine errors.
As a radio amateur, clear, stable, good sound quality, trouble-free is the best. As for grades, choose the look and function like it. Grade often affect prices, high value, low-and low defects.
Radio grade now, manufacturers did not receive the ability to devote greater effort to invest more money to buy expensive devices, because the sound quality improved a little bit, need a lot of technology and device support, the price will increase a lot, both manufacturers consider the capacity of enthusiasts, but also consider the profits. Therefore, the so-called high-end radios, most high in the “look and function” on, or because of the price, not the factory is not technology.
Another purchase, I was never in the shop or online shop to buy Radio no credit (unless the Internet is a manufacturer of store)

PS: I purchase experience
That made the radio fine, Shao immediately comes to PL-600 German students and the Degen DE1103, rarely mentioned Anjan DTS-09, I was in Zhengzhou last year, Dennis and his colleagues busy mall to see when the transfer Anjan the brand, that happened, my colleagues bitter love radio, we were in the sales presentation the first time under that security key DTS-05, originally thought it was knockoff, after the audition we were to stay at the counter more than two hours, the DTS-05 and German born big PL-600 were compared, in addition to the lack of external low-frequency 05 (the machine is small, a small speaker), reception and alt left a good impression .
In my mind, good sound quality, only a small machine Tecsun R9710, and now see the DTS-05, I am very excited at the time down Anjan website will never be a key concern for safety. DTS-08 was not yet out, I did not fancy it’s style, only the arrival of such DTS-09. But the 09 machine I did not buy just listed, because I have a quiz machine Degen DE1103 machine lessons, such as DTS-09 machine I would buy ripe, this has been this late evaluation.
German life I bought a dozen, many models, starting from the first of the PL737, I started to like domestic machines and out of control, has purchased a German novice conditioners, R9700, R9701, R9702, R9700DX, and digital Machine PL757 (prize), PL200, PL230 and BCL2000 (some models for my students bought more than 100 recommended), the results of my hands, leaving only a R9700. because, R9700 addition to the manual adjustment is not convenient, the reception and voice my opinion, is the best, especially the effect of stereo sound field effect is very good. In addition to advanced functionality after buying, the sound quality does not go beyond, there is no shelter.
Degen radios have a few of my students DE1101 and DE1102 I know the brand, reception good, because there is no fancy style, there is no purchase, till with the DE1103, before the auction of one. But the first result of poor welding, show off, and gave change of one, but the first stereo sound field effect left me deep impression. Second, although there is no wrong, there is no stereo effect is as good as the first, the sound muffled. Regret not to repair the shelter first, Whenever I think it will regret. However, the Degen DE1103 is my second love machine.
I received Anjan DTS-09 left me the best impression, style atmosphere, complete functions, receive sensitivity, neutral sound quality, easy to operate. The third is the machine to a shelter.
Many users machine when the assessment lists and even scoring a lot more frequency bands to show the difference, I also saw the beginning of these indicators. This is the assessment than those by the way, then I had these indicators on the dim, because the frequency of measurement listed in your place not shown.
Some users saw evaluation, undecided. I think someone else’s evaluation can only be a reference.
I avoided the evaluation of these data, the process is not only present the results described, in particular, my purchase experience and advice to tell you. Avoid wasting money lovers (my experience is to pay a lot of price, hope that the latter do not repeat my way) This is my evaluation purposes.

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