The Tecsun the PL-660 DEGEN DE1106 audition compare,Radio Reviews

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Degen DE1106 was launched in 2009, the original A dry burn-in basic not burn up, but also a man named the altar of the 10000 can not know this world (China Telecom 10000 Telephone complaints only know something all right to call in the past vegetable the dishes bunch rake the money guy) out walk in the meet in 9702 and bcl3000;

July of this year, and finally mixed with wide altar, a fire of A dry I Huoshaohuoliao (talk about somebody, do not really fire mess with me), has entered the 600 Chinese spectrum r66w, yb400, 1102 ae3750 such as Lord of the machine (the primary stage, only to play a portable computer).

Tecsun PL-660 to the later has been legend, the results of half-day finally not have the patience, and finally in the microwave, 11.6 Q mountainous Taiwan 95 Degen DE1106 courier sent to the unit, the results of November 12 the evening Tecsun the PL-660 out, bully this is not unintentional thing! Harm the next day I ran directly to their office in Shanghai to get a.

Degen DE1106 and Tecsun PL-660 just hand, not enough time to PK, the weekend was my brother told them to move, the first day of work was called by the boss on a business trip, set aside has not happened up to now, first you say I’m sorry.

Solemn statement: The following content is not what evaluation is not anything official, do not pigeon-holing, subjective, purely A dry my listening experience, followed by plus feelings of the other altar Friends of (respect for intellectual property rights, I will author and source are clearly pointed out), the only reference you Friends of the altar.

Both early impression

Degen DE1106:
Last night and this morning playing than about Degen DE1106, feeling and my existing number of machines (600, yb400, 1102, etc.), the first impression is as follows:

1, the appearance of the industrial design is very pretty. Metal panels, no nasty plastic oil and the cheap plastic feeling; compared yb400, button feedback efforts to softer, similar to the phone keys touch feeling;

Two white backlight design is definitely the highlight. Used to seeing orange backlight, Degen DE1106 white is very comfortable, button backlight makes the machine completely discounted in the night operation;

3, Degen’s first speaker I am satisfied with the machine. Degen’s headphone output of personal feeling much better than Tecsun do the same, the speaker output to the poor, starting from 1101, 02, 03 almost inaudible, Degen DE1106 people ears a bright! The metallic sound is very strong, not Kent Pompon sound is on the basis of the Sony sound improvement “Degen sound.” Listen to the news is particularly good

The Tecsun the PL-660:
Tecsun PL-660 hand! First impression:

An industrial design shines, arc element stunning;

2 Sound is not much improved, a small disappointment;

Increase the shortwave ats, synchronous detection, and aviation band 3, did not try, worth the wait!

(B) the Tecsun the PL-660 and Degen DE1106 appearance

Tecsun the PL-660 distance or Pullman the Tecsun consistent classical (or conservative) modeling, but look at the past, the body up and down the curved elements it all themselves, from the arched design of the front panel, corrugated the key slot, and the body left, the right of the dot button, all in one fell swoop to get rid of the 600 Founder modeling;

Black body work than the 600 a little but also improve the panel material similar the Philips ae3750 abs engineering plastic (The phone also is the arc shape as a selling point, but to accept the performance somewhat less), the atmosphere calm body, no plastic cheap sense! Basic copy of the fuselage on both sides of the switch socket 600, not repeat them here; but as the 600 is an upgraded version, but still the size of the LCD screen, showing almost the original class, copy, especially not a member of the RDS display similar to the 909 and the Degen DE1106 and Taiwan editors, stubborn of ah!

Degen DE1106 is another kind of style, because gross total vaunted “cap for aircraft First in the selection of starting point is not the same, the body panel with a single piece of steel plate, full metal texture (is it to suit their the metallic sound of the the Speaker Kengkeng “?), a large LCD screen is almost occupied the fuselage 1/4 (the Tecsun the PL-660 screen about 1/6), backlit with a soft white, with white backlight button off Degen DE1106 for lamp operation is simply a pleasure!

Button layout of the aircraft concentrated touch like mobile phones, and subjective key feedback efforts to comfort more than the Tecsun the PL-660, the only flaw is that the machine screen, relying on too close to the right edge of the fuselage! Like abruptly from the Tecsun the PL-660 is such a big framework cut out the size of the Degen DE1106

(C) the Tecsun the PL-660 and Degen DE1106 sound

Speaker Output:
The Tecsun the PL-660 horn sound continuation of the 600 style (almost constant), sub bass, two steps, but the control is not very good, bass significant nausea, treble tip, followed by Kent students to Italy, but no obvious “Pompon Voice

Degen DE1106 in front of the horn sound has been described, very metallic taste, very hard, but not sharp, personal feeling is that on the basis of Sony Voice Run, listening to the news people sound great, personally feel that the Degen DE1106 than Tecsun the PL-660 a little better;

Added: According to the altar of the Friends of the Degen DE1106 Polish view, re-compare the two machines Polish voice, Degen DE1106 is indeed too sharp, there is no the Tecsun the PL-660 bass good, it seems Tecsun from 9700dx “550” 600 “Tecsun PL -660 sound almost the same, stubborn, but also to maintain a traditional “?

Headphone Output:
Degen DE1106 headphone output still had a very strong metal sound, listen to the guitarist can even feel the string vibration! But, in truth, more rigid, metallic sound with headphones to listen to but do not ye, individuals prefer 1102, rich bass – after all, listen to speakers in a noisy environment highlights the transparent and intelligibility of the sound, so bon bon “and” Kengkeng have their own fans

Headphones to listen to a tasting, need to be more soft, more delicate rather than the shrill voice! Fortunately, the Degen DE1106 bottom dry control better, to restore some of the face. Overall Degen DE1106’s headphone output with his little brother 1102 compared to the total defeat of (of course the other hand, the 1102 individual headphone output that is one of the best domestic machine, whether it is sound or the end of the dry control very good! almost swept all the Tecsun machine, Tecsun to reduce the noise floor!)

Come talk the Tecsun the PL-660 headphone output. Sure enough, the old lady, the Tecsun the PL-660 do here is very easy way out, basically do not change too much – everyone said 9700dx speaker and headphone sound quality is good, then I to the Tecsun the PL-9700dx to 550-600 660 does not move! 9700dx end of the dry stand? I’ll change to change, tinkering, stability overrides everything! Otherwise, the innovation is bad is backwards! Therefore, the Tecsun the PL-660 headphone output word evaluation: sound continuation of 600, heavy bass, the end of the dry 9700dx good psychological effect than the 600 was slightly better (the new machine?), Good.

(D) the Tecsun the PL-660 and Degen DE1106 deposit Taiwan

Degen DE1106 – by category paging. Degen DE1106 machine storage units to the total number of 700 from 0-99 100 per page 7 units directly from the fuselage keys f1-f7 transferred out, and each page can edit the page name, such as the Voice of America VOA selected the seven most clear on the one on one frequency, named after the name of the page convenient to listen to “VOA”; Similarly, the FM music class (in Shanghai, 87.9, 94.7,101.7,103.7,107.7, etc.) a on the page name is “FM – MUSIC;

The Tecsun the PL-660 – “classified” on time. Tecsun the PL-660 machine kept the total number of 2000, the basic continuation of the concept of 600 per hour paging, remove the 800 fixed-band storage, a total of 1200 sets of random deposit is divided into 12 100 per page (to engage in not understand why not directly into an 24 per hour, a, and can not make their own adjustments like 600 per page to save number), with the deposit of 5 per 12-hour, 5:00 and 17:00, so. . .

Overall: storage units have their own characteristics, Degen DE1106 deposit mode often heard Taiwan convenient to tune out the existence of the Tecsun the PL-660 mode, listen to what radio station at a glance, it is difficult to say which one is better at what time. But personally do not like the design of the the Tecsun the PL-660 a compared to 600 retrogression, is why removing the function of the manual page, remove the words should be divided into 24 only science you?

(5) the Tecsun the PL-660, and Degen DE1106 radio stations way

Manual Jog election: the Tecsun the PL-660 than the Degen DE1106 more smart Jog (fast and slow stepping of their choice)

Direct digital input: the Tecsun the PL-660 first selected band, and then entered directly, no need to press the Enter key; Degen DE1106 direct digital (no need to choose band), done directly by the corresponding in-band key, both Private Eyes;

The SCAN browse TV: the Tecsun the PL-660, and Degen DE1106 support Degen DE1106 need to shutdown mode pre-selection (and ATS election can not be completed in the boot state);

ATS election: the Tecsun the PL-660 victory. The problem is my Degen DE1106 most dissatisfied with, the 1102 era has been to support the full band ATS, the so-called “cap for the Degen DE1106 fall back to just FM a band to support the ATS, Degen engineers play post-modern? The Tecsun the PL-660 support full-AM (long, medium and short wave), FM the ATS, compared to more than 600 short-wave the ATS, convenient to listen to.
Taiwan election not by much, ignoring.

(F), casual.

Aviation band, a little test, Degen DE1106 sound basic open to the maximum to hear the Tecsun the PL-660 much better than the Degen DE1106 clear;

SSB, did not find in Taiwan, no comment;

Shortwave receiver, are the country’s top portable computer, the performance will not be too unfamiliar, do you search to also search, you can not do me no good, a lazy, do not do the detailed evaluation, please refer to other users comments ;

Synchronous detection, A dry my rookie, trial days, regardless of the Degen DE1106 or the Tecsun the PL-660, no sense of feet out so what to change and upgrade, please refer to other users comments;

(Vii) Share other altar Friends of the Degen DE1106 and Tecsun PL-660 PK article

Title: 600 and Artifact 1103, only the uncompleted goods DEDegen DE1106 used to contrast and the Tecsun the PL-660, than the calm, the doing doing. Very much hope that any expert to the Tecsun the PL-660 7600GR compare this Bese.

I have a PL550 (old version, rubber oil, production in May 2004), DEDegen DE1106 (I fiercely polished the AM, the effect is significantly higher than the no sanding before upgrading; all electrolytic capacitors replaced by a Japanese capacitor, the audio channel devotes a NICHICON MUSE series stepless dedicated audio capacitors; the CD1622 replaced the CXA1622).

New PLTecsun PL-660. For the first time to see only the silver, picked up the view that the shape does not like, the first thing to see I feel ugly. Later to be a black point of view, do not think it is ugly, buy it back now that that arc ever more nice, but now it began to feel 550, Degen DE1106 upright look too dull.

The Tecsun the PL-660 than the Degen DE1106 lack of backlighting, edit the station name, line input, three. It compares whose performance and tone of the dominant.

Through their relatively (sometimes MX400 earbuds): FM: Tecsun the PL-660 sensitivity is significantly more than the Degen DE1106, but sound quality than the Degen DE1106 almost point, the Tecsun the PL-660 sound partial opacity (the sound quality difference is to use ear plugs to listen out earthly the Tecsun the PL-660 sound sense of hearing compared to the Degen DE1106 gap, Speaker Diameter difference reasons), but the the Tecsun the PL-660 Naiting degree than PL550. Degen DE1106 beautiful sound quality seems invincible, not because I changed the Degen DE1106 capacitance I have no way of knowing.

I PL550 its audio channels replaced NICHICON MUSE series stepless dedicated audio capacitors, FM sound or partial opacity, not Naiting. Incidentally, Degen DE1106, Tecsun the PL-660, 550 audio amplifier is used in Sony’s CXA1622, sound quality is different, it seems the chip is not the only, the circuit design and chip peripherals of the original selection or very relationship.

WM: comparison was not serious enough that two almost.

SW (short wave is really far away from the open area of ​​the electromagnetic interference, so cold!): Tecsun the PL-660 sensitivity was better than the Degen DE1106, PL550. The noise floor is smaller than the Degen DE1106 and PL550. The Tecsun the PL-660 loud and clear voice melodious, Degen DE1106 sound dry and tasteless. Listen to BBC English channel is really a bit like listening to FM, feeling, really surprised me.

The AIR: (my home from the airport straight-line distance of 5 km) Degen DE1106 sensitivity and sound quality Waterloo Tecsun PL-660. Did not think the aviation band, actually Degen DE1106 deceived for so long, because only only Oh. Tecsun the PL-660 sounds like a walkie-talkie say it as loud and powerful, both calls are audible, Degen DE1106 signal was very weak sound dry, it sounds like a very weak and sometimes even in the weak and weak to speak not receive a lot of time can only hear the sound of a party call.

This band can be said to be a big difference. The way, praised the Tecsun Smart Shuttle search function, it is this feature I soon need to keep listening to be able to receive the aeronautical frequency found (even 11!) Degen DE1106 want to manually find the aviation frequency is almost impossible task.

Synchronous detection: Degen DE1106 most of the time the whistle, if you do not whistle, you can filter out some short-wave background noise or to reduce adjacent channel crosstalk. Tecsun PL-660 synchronous detector does not whistle, but it feels almost no effect (the work means to eliminate background noise or to reduce adjacent channel crosstalk), of course, almost no bad effect (upper sideband occasional small “roaring” sound, use ear plugs to listen to the most obvious), but surprisingly, the Tecsun the PL-660 shortwave really good, a lot of units loud and clear voice interference is small, it feel so good shortwave do not need to design a synchronous detector not superfluous, but fortunately not like the Degen DE1106, howling under the climate change.

Finally believe that the words: the synchronous detector is only legend. Personally think that the synchronous detection of of Tecsun the PL-660 or win the Degen DE1106 grounds Tecsun the PL-660 synchronous detection is just a display, where idle, do not do bad things, and Degen DE1106 basically can be seen as bad things, watching people twist.

DE1106 SSB: Degen intelligibility compared to the Tecsun the PL-660 a little better, clearer, a little, but you can feel it.

Anti-jamming and anti-mirror: resistance to external electromagnetic interference Tecsun PL-660 is stronger than the Degen DE1106. Degen DE1106 local a few FM stations sound shortwave no signal of shortwave 17mhz-30mhz band during the day, you can string into twitter, and the Tecsun the PL-660 is simply the string into the signal, the normal low noise.

I tried the local FM107.8mhz (in Chengdu suburb, this is Germany balcony) of the remote weak, the Tecsun the PL-660, no low-noise receive While the sound quality is not good enough, Degen DE1106 has received a mirror units mixed with a little bit 107.8mhz the signal! Degen DE1106 and sometimes simply on the income less than 107.8mhz signal received is a mirror units.

The interference of the machine: Degen DE1106 in the press the button to operate the speaker will be annoying “cricket-like noise, while of Tecsun the PL-660 do not have this problem.

Operability: I do not want to talk about, because different people have different hobbies.

Want to start Tecsun PL-660 was entangled in a few meters of friends:

A. Synchronous detection, please come to a halt, it really is just a legend.

Two. 600 and / or Artifact 1103, no chance to receive the oil of the aviation band, but also come to a halt!

3. Would like to hear the pilot say something curious, buy the Tecsun the PL-660. Degen DE1106 300 sell it to you not to take over.

4. PL600 and Artifact 1103 oil (even if you’re like me, like N years ago, PL550) is the most relaxing, you decided to 1103,600, the Tecsun the PL-660 to buy what, ah ah. But if you think Degen DE1106 is the function of the gross total manufacturing JJ, the decision of your 500 and 100 to receive a less used Degen DE1106, I politely sorry for you.

I do not PL600, DE1103, 600 and 1103 oil forgive.

I do not exclude machines and oil have individual differences, the bricks have to hit over, but the curse please Bypass.

Depressed Oh, my wife and I love to listen to English outside the station, I heard that I bought a new machine to trial, she found that shortwave is better than the previous older machines, and asked to give her, even had to be said. Hard half-day to engage in a lot of research before deciding to buy JJ results are forfeited. Ah ah

Title: PLTecsun If DEDegen DE1106 patch, the PL-660, PK, certainly Mandizhaoya. Well, come up with I organize the AM patch prescription. . . . Eat and then a higher (233 words)

Now I have got two Degen DE1106, an AM patch, one no, two gap is not small, about the size of the patched AM band and FM band sound, your voice loud, there are many levels. A change in the small powerless before the patch. Hey. . .


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