The reveiw of the tecsun radio R304 and R333

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R304 is a Germany born this year introduced a cheap laptop. Stylish and elegant style and round R333 completely different. Large dials are clear and beautiful. Large tuning Zealand, the big band in New Zealand and the volume

Dial, power switch, the “big four” are used to the feeling of small-cap New York’s a particularly easy and convenient. Unique speed tuning Zealand tuning to find the units, also increased the tuning the fun.
R304 and R333 have many similarities, it is worth to make a comparison, in order to have a deeper understanding.

(A)To compare with R304 and R333

R304 R333
Frequency range
FM 87 – 108 MHz with 304
MW 525 – 1610 KHz with 304
SW1 3.20 – 9.00 MHz 3.90 – 10.0 MHz
SW2 9.00 – 22.0 MHz 10.0 – 18.0 MHz

Noise limited sensitivity
FM is better than 10μV with 304
MW is better than 1mV / m better than 1.5mV / m
SW is better than 50μV with 304

Output power
Greater than 200mW greater than 500mW

8Ω 2W Φ77mm outer magnetic 8Ω 1W Φ77 mm outer magnetic

Frequency display
Digital Display Font great pointer orange band indicate
With lighting

No go fashion criteria regular boot

Polish bar magnet
Φ 8 × 100 mm with 304

Antenna length
66cm 6 section can not 360-degree rotation 69cm section can rotate 360 degrees

IC Model
AM, there are 9018 for high-level with 304

Variable capacitor
One two one dedicated SW

Current consumption (static)
FM 7.7 mA FM 10.5 mA
9.6 mA, (lights) 14.1 mA (light)
AM 5.4 mA AM 7 mA
6.8 mA (light) of 10 mA (light)
Lighting 10 mA
Shut down power consumption of 0.03 mA
Power supply
2, No. 1 battery 3V 3 section on the 1st battery 4.5V

Mono mono
Just the left channel stereo headphones, the sound left and right channels have sound

Fixed can not turn to rotation for the bracket

Than R304 thin

220 × 120 × 60 mm

(B) the use of

1. Tuning
R333 tuning gear drive. R304 is the structure of the the PULL plus gear drive (Slow New York).
Tuning feel R333 rather than R304. Fast switching frequency, coupled with the frequency, shortwave tuning, find Desk easy.
R304 of speed tuning in the FM and MW band is more than enough, but the SW is less than satisfactory. PULL disk diameter of only 35mm, thread shorter, coupled with a large hysteresis, often adjusted too far, skip looking for units.

Therefore have to be playing the twelfth of the spirit and patience can be effective.

2 receiver
From the targets, the sensitivity of the two planes is quite practical to listen to also.
Overall, the two planes of the FM and AM General, SW better.
Is to listen to Nanjing, a high-rise five buildings, the condition is not good. Contrast, Robinson RD1220 reference machine, the machine better FM and SW frequency display is accurate and AFC switch.
FM: local units, the two planes do not pull the antenna can be satisfied to listen to are local Taiwan, interference, find the field of weak units difficult. It is to use 1220 to find, such as Danyang 88.3, Yangzhou 94.9,98.5

Economic units, 103.5 Traffic Radio, as well as Jiangning, Maanshan, Anhui and other units, then a comparison.
Results: The low frequency, 333 income units is better than 304, almost at the high end. Selective and anti-interference of the two planes is less than ideal, so closing the field weak also in the local stations off the air Some units of music Letter 1220

Be received by the two machines can not receive.
MW: two machines the same as the bar magnet size, the general reception is not very different.
The machine has a large enough space. If the bar magnet is replaced by 10 × 140mm, the effect should be better.
SW: two planes higher sensitivity, better than the generally small machine. Selectivity.
Slightly better in the SW1, 333 304. The contrary in SW2.
Drift frequency: 333 good on 304 different downward drift 333, 304 upward drift a few degrees under 20, 333 can not even listen to two hours does not need to be adjusted, 304 to stress the frequency shift larger carefully after the hot days, we must tone.
The noise floor is 333, but as long as Taiwan is not too weak, not very different from the two planes.
As for the mirror, it is unavoidable.
By the way, the sensitivity SW1, Robinson 1220 not more than two machines, 22m above better.

(3) listen to the sound
Machine two large speakers, body, voice loud enough to be better than a small machine to listen to sense.
Two machines of similar tone, tenor, treble owe bright contrast, the 333 a bit bland, 304 to be vigorous, distortion smaller sounds more so due to its 2W speaker?
So do a test: the two speakers are used a machine to promote the results showed that, not only with the speaker components, chassis.
At this point, the matter has been finished. However, their brains turn: Why not other speakers to play? So took the speakers every one try Guoguang, geese, Nanjing, Ningbo, Taiwan’s production, the results feel geese speaker co-

Personal taste, but almost too big, have to move the point of surgery the job. Forget a hot day, or just the countries of the South-South to the size of the light horn. Feel their voices, the voice is much clearer. Of course, this

Is a personal hobby. For individuals, might have different views.

(4) Other
The above table shows that the two machines are very power-saving.
R304 to use alternating current, three band no audible hum.
304 scale plate appearance is clear, good-looking than the DE390, it will not be like 305 in the sun on the bad.
Machine structure looks like 304 better, the connection is also thicker.
The two machines are vulnerable to interference. Body induction is not obvious.

(C) Shortcoming
R333 shortwave to 18MH, not as good as the 304.
There are some small problems: previous Taichung wave frequency modulation are not allowed to touch the tuning Zealand, that is, to change tens of KHz. This LCD font Dim In addition, underneath the plastic foot barbed.
R304 switch often poor contact may be plastic parts bad, the elastic piece is too small and too thin.
The handle can not rotate, the rod can not be 360-degree turn, unhappy.
Slow tune accuracy must be improved. If possible, the future ability to meter bands such machine.

(D) to purchase the proposed
If you like the major points of the machine machine, to be energy saving, and loud, cheap, cares about such machine machine. (404,308, etc.)
If you mainly listen to medium wave and FM, shortwave is free to listen to then buy 304 sound better style fashion some.
If you listen to three bands, and often listen to some of Taiwan. Then please use the 333 because its frequency is displayed to you at a glance, can also be when the alarm clock.
If you require, and to function a lot, then buy the number of transfer machines.

(E) a problem
The past, speakers have to use screws or glue fixed now clamped by the front and rear chassis. I do not know so what good?

Widely on the altar, see the machine rating, flash for almost six years. Show comment, not be justified. Just someone asked about the similarities and differences of the two planes, then into text.
These are just individuals see anything wrong with that please correct me.

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1 pcs sample
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Airmail 25days

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