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The reveiw of the tecsun radio R304 and R333


R304 is a Germany born this year introduced a cheap laptop. Stylish and elegant style and round R333 completely different. Large dials are clear and beautiful. Large tuning Zealand, the big band in New Zealand and the volume

Dial, power switch, the “big four” are used to the feeling of More →

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The review of the radio ats-909

The review of the radio ats-909


The small gray machines occupy your briefcase 225 * 132 * 35 mm of space. The front panel of the machine than most portable confidential, but compared to, but very thin. The aircraft used four batteries, the battery on the back of the battery compartment. According to the voice and th More →

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Talk about the design of Jidian R801 matching speakers

Debugging jidian R801 speaker still in the design, the use of the holidays, here to talk about some design considerations supporting the speaker of the Jidian R801. Jidian R801 Series Desktop Radio users on this altar, nearly 300 people (including 801-3D, and R803), is not a small group. 801 design, More →

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The Remote fee to your city

The remote fee to your city ,Please pay more $10,Thank you ! More →

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tecsun S-2000 Evaluation of the nineteen hours

S-2000 listing of a few days, it seems to have not seen the detailed mechanism of the heroes who comments! Shenzhen Gu Lage hair net and some reception on the S-2000 post, I also saw, as we saw, they have a better S-2000 evaluation, but since I try to now, My own feeling is: S-2000 are really good! More →

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Hello world!

Welcome to CantonMade Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! More →

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