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  • Degen DE1103 radio is FM / shortwave / medium wave / long wave of international international receiver.
  • FM frequency range :76.0-108 .0 MHz (covering school band), step length 25K.
  • AM (with shortwave. Mediumwave. Longwave) frequency range :100-29999KHz, step 1K.
  • AM-band high-frequency (55.845MHz) second frequency, high sensitivity, high resistance to interference.
  • Shuttle / auto search / memory / direct input four kinds of tuning.
  • 268 Radio permanent storage (with implicit sub-area convenience store area).
  • Permanent preservation of memory information (except the clock).
  • 64 electronic volume control (to display the volume level), two adjustment methods: direct digital input and adjust the shuttle.
  • Large LCD screen, LCD dual-frequency analog and digital instruction pointer mode.
  • Constant intelligent charging function (compatible with NiMH / NiCd batteries), rechargeable countdown query.
  • Single sideband (SSB) receiver and fine-tuning.
  • AM in the bandwidth / narrow choices.
  • Panel full orange backlighting, three backlight mode.
  • AM signal strength indicator.
  • FM mono / stereo selection.
  • News / music two kinds of sound choices.
  • Two regular open, shutdown (power frequency can be set separately timed and volume).
  • Sleep time 1 ~ 99 minute.
  • Clock display.
  • Electronic switch key lock function.
  • Striking indication of short Bomi band and conversion functions.
  • Key operation error.
  • Battery ladder instructions to view the current power grid, low battery auto shutdown.
  • Long rod antenna to improve FM and shortwave reception.
  • Large-diameter speaker (D77mm), sound quality and beautiful.
  • Sensitivity selection switch located near and far range, easily receive different environments, set an external antenna jack, use an external antenna to improve signal reception.
  • Use 4 AA batteries.


  • FM (FM) 76-108MHz
  • MW (medium wave) 100-1710KHz
  • SW (short wave) 1.71-29.99MHz
  • Meter band frequency range:
    75M 3.860-4.055MHz
    60M 4.710-5.105MHz
    41M 7.10-7.30MHz
    31M 9.50-9.90MHz
    25M 11.65-12.05MHz
    22M 13.60-13.80MHz
    19M 15.10-15.60MHz
    16M 17.55-17.90MHz
    13M 21.45-21.85MHz
  • Selective narrow-band short-wave broadband is better than 50dB better than 40dB
  • Limit noise sensitivity
    FM (frequency modulation) is better than 10uV
    MW (medium wave) is better than 1mV / M
    SW (short wave) than 20uV
  • FM IF bandwidth is less than the second narrow band less than 4KHz 6KHz
  • 4 AA batteries power supply built-in batteries
  • External power supply 8V 300mA
  • Machine speaker D77 mm
  • Size: 165*105*29mm

de1103 tecsun-1 de1103 tecsun-3 de1103 tecsun-4

Buy it Now
1 pcs sample
80.5 USD
Airmail 25days

2 pcs
75 USD
35 USD
DHL/UPS 7-10days

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