Degen DE1103 Digital FM AM LW MW SW Stereo Radio

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  • FM / shortwave / medium wave / long wave of international reception.
  • FM frequency range :76.0-108 .0 MHz (covering school band), step length 25K.
  • AM (with shortwave. Mediumwave. Longwave) frequency range :100-29999KHz, step 1K.
  • AM-band high-frequency (55.845MHz) second frequency, high sensitivity, high resistance to interference.
  • Shuttle / auto search / memory / direct input four kinds of tuning.
  • 268 Radio permanent storage (with implicit sub-area convenience store area).
  • Permanent preservation of memory information (except the clock).
  • 64 electronic volume control (to display the volume level), two adjustment methods: direct digital input and adjust the shuttle.
  • Large LCD screen, LCD dual-frequency analog and digital instruction pointer mode.
  • Constant intelligent charging function (compatible with NiMH / NiCd batteries), rechargeable countdown query.
  • Single sideband (SSB) receiver and fine-tuning.
  • AM in the bandwidth / narrow choices.
  • Panel full orange backlighting, three backlight mode.
  • AM signal strength indicator.
  • FM mono / stereo selection.
  • News / music two kinds of sound choices.
  • Two regular open, shutdown (power frequency can be set separately timed and volume).
  • Sleep time 1 ~ 99 minute.
  • Clock display.
  • Electronic switch key lock function.
  • Striking indication of short Bomi band and conversion functions.
  • Key operation error.
  • Battery ladder instructions to view the current power grid, low battery auto shutdown.
  • Long rod antenna to improve FM and shortwave reception.
  • Large-diameter speaker (D77mm), sound quality and beautiful.
  • Sensitivity selection switch located near and far range, easily receive different environments, set an external antenna jack, use an external antenna to improve signal reception.
  • Use 4 AA batteries.


  • FM (FM) 76-108MHz
  • MW (medium wave) 100-1710KHz
  • SW (short wave) 1.71-29.99MHz
  • Meter band frequency range:
    75M 3.860-4.055MHz
    60M 4.710-5.105MHz
    41M 7.10-7.30MHz
    31M 9.50-9.90MHz
    25M 11.65-12.05MHz
    22M 13.60-13.80MHz
    19M 15.10-15.60MHz
    16M 17.55-17.90MHz
    13M 21.45-21.85MHz
  • Selective narrow-band short-wave broadband is better than 50dB better than 40dB
  • Limit noise sensitivity
    FM (frequency modulation) is better than 10uV
    MW (medium wave) is better than 1mV / M
    SW (short wave) than 20uV
  • FM IF bandwidth is less than the second narrow band less than 4KHz 6KHz
  • 4 AA batteries power supply built-in batteries
  • External power supply 8V 300mA
  • Machine speaker D77 mm
  • Size: 165*105*29mm


  • All our selling products are the latest version, 100% never used.
  • 100% fully checked and QC passed from factory.
  • Original packaging and accessories produced by the manufacturer.
  • 30 Days Exchange Warranty: If the received item is not in good condition, buyer can contact us for exchange within 30 days from the day of purchase and all shipping fees will be responsible by seller.

Note:Buyer must responsible for both ways (return & forward) shipping fees if exchange after 30 days from the day of purchase.  Seller also reserves the right to reject the exchange.

12 Months Warranty from the date of purchase:  Buyer can send the unit back to us for repair but both ways shipping fee (forwarding & returning) will be on buyer’s account.


  • We ship this item world wide by HongKong post air mail Lower than 1 KG.We will give you the tracking number when we ship it!
  • If you buy more than 10 ,Please contact the admin to change the shipping fee and the shipping way.Thank you!!
  • If any items received are defective, you can contact us and return it within 30 days for a full refund (Shipping & Handling Charge will not be refunded) or exchange another new unit. The buyer is responsible for paying (return & forward) shipping cost, items must be returned in their original and unused condition.
  • Please understand that We DO NOT arrange delivery during weekend (Saturday & Sunday) and also official holidays in China such as Christmas, Chinese New Year’s holiday, etc.
  •   Please let us know if you have any question about the shipment.


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Buy it Now
1 pcs sample
68.5 USD
Airmail 25days

5 pcs
54 USD
75 USD
DHL/UPS 7-10days

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2 Responses

  1. David Ranford says:

    Erin – The Degen DE 1103 arrived this morning. While I’ve not had time to evaluate it fully I am impressed with it.
    It is a solid and very nice small radio.
    Excellent reception of a distant FM station I always listen to. Good speaker clarity and volume.
    Consequently I’m ordering another for my son as a present.
    Thank you. David Ranford New Zealand.

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