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Kchibo DSP D39L-2

Here we look at D39L.

DSP Radio D39L technical characteristics:
1. Digital filter design, with high selectivity and anti-imaging capabilities.
2. Dual 16Bit DAC with low distortion audio output.
3. Use a wide range of multi-stage AGC circuit, the better large-signal suppression.
4. 1dB resolution of high-frequency input signal to noise ratio display and antenna strength indicator.
5. Built-in high-speed MCU circuit (acting on the AGC AFC IIC PGA VOLCRT … …).
6. AM band tuning circuit design automatically.
7. With and comparable to high-end car radio reception sensitivity.
8. Large LCD digital display, work status at a glance.
9. Receive FM, medium wave and short wave band program.
10. Used by the U.S. special software radio digital signal processing chip, receiving stable and reliable, there is no frequency drift.
11. Taiwan has three selection methods:
* Computer Memory 90 stations pre-
* Automatic search for radio
* Manual search radio station
12. Set memory scanning, scan, while the order is automatically saved by the radio frequency.
13. Digital clock and auto-shutdown feature 10-90 minutes of sleep.
14. Setting the boot features convenient time to listen to radio programs or as an alarm clock.
15. Built-in electronic volume control circuit section 40, while the machine will automatically store your memory set volume.
16. Set calendar, allowing you instant information about month, day and week.
17. Let FM stereo, sounds more melodious.
18. Use rechargeable lithium-ion battery-powered, economical, and environmental protection. Discharge cycle of about 300-500 times.

DSP Radio D39L technical indicators:
1 frequency range
Frequency Modulation (FM) 64-108 MHz
Medium wave (MW) 522-1710 KHz (9KHz step)
Short-wave (SW) 2.30 ~ 21.85 MHz
(2) the number of radio frequency memory (total 90)
FM (frequency modulation) 30 MW (medium wave) 30 SW (short wave) 30
3 noise limited sensitivity
Frequency Modulation (FM) is better than 3.2uV
Medium wave (MW) than 2.5mV / m
Short-wave (SW) is better than 35dBu
4 is better than 40dB single signal selection
5.FM signal to noise ratio better than 50dB
AM signal to noise ratio better than 48dB
6 5-volt DC power supply
Built-in lithium battery (3.7V/300mAh)
Model KL-02 lithium battery
7 Maximum current consumption less than 200mA
8 maximum output power greater than 100mW
9 Machine speaker Φ40mm / 12Ω/0.5W
10 external headphone Φ3.5mm 32Ω
11 Dimensions 100 x 62 x 20mm
12 Weight 120g (without batteries)

Introduced over the basic functions, to test now compares the models for the German students of 757A, all the battery power supply, antenna, all use the whip antenna.

AM I tested the following frequencies: 837,846,900,945,981,1143,1332,1449,585,621,648,702,738,756, the overall feeling D39L relatively good medium wave reception level, compared with the 757A is the upper hand, is not lost to 757A, and the more I can really appreciate.

FM frequency tests I conducted the following: 88,88.9,90,91.6,93.6,94.3,95.3,96.8,97.6,98,98.7,99.1,99.6,100.1,101.2,101.9,102.8,104.7,105.3,107.8, after repeated test comparing D39L FM is not weakness, it should be said can exceed 757A.

I have also been repeated short-wave test, the test results I am disappointed, D39L than short-wave and can not exceed 757A 757A, and it can be said D39L short-wave and 757A is some distance, mainly in the human body induction, background noise, the receiver performance is unstable, especially when there is no interference with the kind of totally immobile 757A spirit, in short, the D39L I was not optimistic about the short-wave, and hope to continue efforts to constantly improve Kchibo DSP series of short-wave reception!

The emergence of any new thing, one way or another there will be shortcomings and weaknesses, and constantly updated with the development of science and technology, continues to mature, DSP, turned out that the crystallization of technological development, new product because there will inevitably be some not ideal, or ask them unsatisfactory, below took me places I have set out unsatisfactory, for Kchibo discretion:

1, when listening to AM or FM press the meter band button to enter the short wave band, since we have set up a band button, then press the FM band and in the meter band button should not work, and not into the short-wave band.

2, external power supply design is not good, I feel very long-winded, not clean, if we use the cell phone travel charger is not the type of design would be better then, the period of receiving the 220-volt connection on the removed plugs directly security an external power supply, an external power source to the radio like to add a socket, you need to connect with the radio, put a plug on the radio plug, a plug in an external power supply, this is simple and easy to carry.

3, the case still needs to be improved quality, lower-left corner there is no seamless casing, gently press the bottom left of the chassis, you can hear the rattle sound.

4, the sound stopped at 1:00, and then you tune in to the small voice, click, then the sound is displayed as 0, but the size of the sound or the sound stay in the size of position 1, 2 next to you only by the sound adjusted to 0, because you can not hear the sound transferred to 0, and this should be a small problem, the engineers hope Kchibo look under.

5, external power supply of poor quality can not be directly used to listen to the radio, too much interference, can be used to charge, and you plug in to listen to the radio, you then unplug the power has been to indicate charge status, in any case you do not off the display of symbols, only crashes press key.

Hope Kchibo continuous improvement of the DSP series ..

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