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Reception conditions: using their native antenna orientation adjusted to the optimum.
Antenna length: D39L-415mm
Indoor environment: the top of a fluorescent lamp. 1.5 meters away from the computer.
Score Description: 5 points – clear, no noise
           4 points – clearly, there was a slight noise
           3 points – could hear the sound signal larger than the noise
           2 points – can hear the noise signal is larger than
           1 point – blurred, noisy
           0 – no signal, all noise

Frequency MHz      D39L        D92L(SNR dB / level dBu)
     90.8                   10/31                9/25
     91.9                    9/29                10/26
     96.0                   18/34               14/29
     97.9                    8/30                 5/23
     98.4                   18/58               18/54
     99.1                    7/25                11/28
    101.8                   8/28                12/25
    104.2                 18/48                18/45
    107.9                 18/44                18/47

As the units are strong, can play 5 minutes, neck and neck.

Manually transfer units, compared to the following frequencies:

FrequencyMHz                              D39L                                D92L(SNR dB / level dBu)
     72.25             0(Can only choose72.2 And 72.3)               3.5(5/20)
     83.75             0(Can only choose83.7 And 83.8)              1.5(0/12)
     95.10                                    4.5(5/24)                                  4.5(5/20)
    103.7                                     1(0/12)                                      2(1/11)
    106.9                                     4.5(4/19)                                   4.5(5/21)

FM bands sum up:
     After all, is the same company, D39L, D92L roughly equal performance, especially in the strong level of the stage can not tell, D92L as a large speaker, listening to a more comfortable point. Receiver on the weak units should be similar, but because the choice of the frequency D92L can go to 0.05MHz, to receive TV audio channels 3 and 4, and D39L to die.
     Comprehensive comparison, in the FM band D92L> D39L.

MW medium wave
     Because of poor AM signal (or I do not have a good medium wave machine), I rarely listen to AM. But in order to contrast, but had to search myself.

Frequency KHz         D39L             D92L (SNR dB / level dBu)
          540             2.5(6/48)           2.5(6/43)
          585             3(10/45)            3(25/47)
          630            4.5(25/56)          5(25/45)
          648            3.5(8/48)          3.5(16/43)
         684             4(22/50)           4.5(25/44)
         702             4(25/50)           4.5(25/43)
         873            2.5(13/48)         2.5(21/46)
         918             2(18/14)           3.5(24/52)
        1008          4.5(25/65)         4.5(25/60)
        1026          2.5(15/25)         3.5(20/48)
        1071          1.5(8/48)           3.5(17/46)
        1098          3.5(15/12)         4.5(25/41)
        1377          3.5(15/28)         3.5(16/36)
        1530          3.5(16/41)           4(24/39)
        1566          4.5(25/55)           5(25/52)

WAVE shows the difference between the two out, D92L D39L was better than good, perhaps the D92L medium wave bar magnet long because of it. However, medium-wave radio (especially at night now) is too dense, difficult to avoid mutual interference, but there are several sets of signals well, worth a listen.
     MW: D92L> D39L

SW band
Frequency range (MHz): D39L and D92L were 2.30 ~ 21.85MHz.

First with the next scan memory, can store the waste by-audition too, and some only noise that can listen too little. But still a great capacity to automatically store filled with 11 pages of D92L. But look at how the future or your own schedule, one by one inside lose it.
Or use manual tuning to compare. Reference to the wide altar “is the main short-wave radio broadcasting and frequency.” Due to poor indoor signal, some or all units receive noise.

Frequency KHz      D39L             D92L (SNR dB / level dBu)
  3.28                1(24/46)             1(24/49)
  5.890             4(16/48)              4(18/51)
  5.925             4.5(25/55)           4.5(22/55)
  6.085            1(25/57)               1(18/49)
  6.190            4(12/50)               4.5(25/53)Japan Radio International
  7.105            2(25/48)               2(25/45) British Broadcasting Corporation
  7.430            0.5(6/26)              0.5(7/32)Global Radio
  9.40              4.5(25/46)            4.5(22/45)Radio Television Companion
  9.43              4.5(15/41)            5(11/52)Radio Companion third
  9.475            1(9/23)                 1.5(12/28)Radio Australia
  11.785          4(25/57)               4(25/59)Voice of America
  12.00            3(21/38)               3.5(22/33)Voice of Russia
  15.320          0.5(1/11)              1(1/10)Adventist World Radio Network

SW band Summary:
     As the only use of the whip antenna, and in the room, the overall reception can only be considered general, whether strong or weak station platform, both amazingly consistent (do not know which chip is not the same), is difficult to distinguish compete. The choice of the bandwidth D92L tuning sensitivity has little effect on the quality impact point: 6 transferred from one process, the sound gradually becomes sharp, like the bass to treble transition.
     Difficult to distinguish, right when the D39L = D92L.

     Finally, talk about the overall feeling of D92L.
     First of all sure that this is a very good machine, bringing the digital input and the dual tuner Shuttle fun. As the big screen, time and frequency seem to be much more comfortable than the D39L. Enter a frequency with D39L had too inconvenient, and now directly enter the number on the line, too convenient. If you connect an outdoor antenna, the effect is definitely good.
Of course, D92L, there are some shortcomings:
     1, the shuttle up and down a little shaking, feeling not so delicate; Shuttle surface is too smooth, groove is too small and no effect, thumb on top spin.
     2, the number keys a bit too small, according to the inconvenient, are in press with your fingertips.
     3, the frequency of the input always appears Err, not more than the number lost. Preferably the same as Polish, fuzzy input frequency up to the nearest. Want to change the input of the problem next time.


D92L 2 D39L-2

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