Kchibo DSP experience using wide-band radio D92L Radio Reviews

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First, on the appearance of
For the appearance of the different fans have different feelings, I first saw the D92’s image machine feel virtuous shadow of Health and R-305, after receiving in-kind in the hand have a kind of KK-S500 condensed version of the idea. Overall, very engaging, in-kind look better than the picture.


Size of this machine compared to the previous D39L and D48L to be bigger, because the big screen, user interface and more, and speakers are big, all this is a purpose to improve the machine performance.

Second, using the experience
I think we are very concerned about the use of D92L, and then a beautiful appearance, good performance, but also shortcomings. We are always asked to compare a machine with DE1103 level of performance. It can be said DE1103 is a mountain, very close to or in connection with more than easily, from the current point of view, the gap between the two is very small, and can not say more than, but certainly can be said to take (DE1103 antenna than two D92L more than long)


1, FM
I am as far as possible to maximize the performance of both, are all opened antenna. Just from the number of stations on both received almost the same, even D92L still more. The following radio frequencies are my records yesterday afternoon:

Radio 88.1 ….. Chaohu
88.7 ….. Tongling live broadcast traffic
88.8 ….. Anhui Life Radio
89.4 ….. China Radio International, Global Information Broadcast
89.7 ….. Jiangsu Music Radio — City Music City FM
90.1 ….. Dangtu radio
91.5 ….. Voice of China (broadcast to unknown)
91.8 ….. Anhui Music Radio
92.0 ….. Nanjing folk FM92.4….. Tongling Music Story Radio
92.8 ….. maanshan music frequency traffic
93.7 ….. Jiangsu newscasts
95.1 ….. Anhui Life Radio
95.4 ….. MOS life story broadcast
96.3 ….. Wuhu Economic radio traffic
97.1 ….. Anhui Economic Radio
97.5 ….. Jiangsu classical music FM
98.2 ….. Wuhu music radio story
99.2 ….. Anhui People’s Radio
99.7 ….. Voice of Jinling
99.8 ….. Voice of China
100.4 ….. Wuhu newscasts
100.6 ….. Xuancheng people)
101.1 ….. Jiangsu Traffic Broadcasting Network
101.7 ….. Nanjing City FM
103.6 ….. Anhui Integrated Broadcast News
103.8 ….. Voice of China
104.3 ….. Nanjing Sports
104.4 ….. Anhui Music Radio
105.1 ….. MOS integrated broadcast news
105.6 ….. wuwei radio
105.8 ….. Nanjing music
107.1 ….. Anhui Radio
107.4 ….. Anhui fiction storytelling radio

I can say that such a small city, to receive so many stations it is not easy, for D92L and DE1103 FM’s main difference is that for weak signal clarity on that sensitivity, we can say — DE1103 or slightly dominant, but still D92L selective advantage, such as 100.6 the weak units, with the DE1103 listen to 100.4 The local station was almost drowned, but D92L well received.
For this small machine FM done so very easy.

2 AM
Few people listen to AM, but in order to test, the D92L and DE1103 can clearly receive the station are listed below:

585 Jiangsu story
603 ….. Anhui life
666 ….. Hefei People
702 ….. Jiangsu People
801 ….. Nanjing story
846 ….. Jiangsu health
864 ….. Anhui economic
900 ….. Nanjing Economic
936 ….. Anhui People
1008 ….. Anhui
1098 ….. Anhui traffic
1206 ….. Investment in Jiangsu
1494 ….. Wuhu life

Also received a number of different time periods in the radio, not list them. And DE1103 quite subjective feeling D92L, D92L, but a strong sense of direction. There D92L that “IF bandwidth” selection button is useful, not only can change the resolution to change the sound to listen to.

3, shortwave
The day before yesterday and yesterday evening always wanted to try to find a short-wave frequencies, “IF bandwidth” option has not been found, I hope you give me such a frequency, “frequency bandwidth” to suppress adjacent channel interference, I do not know whether there is a good effect. For the short-wave side of the PK receiving environment is not good because these days, almost all the band’s sound and Chinese folk music, the feeling does not come out good and bad. Voice of China from the current point of view to listen to no difference between the two in addition to sound quality, background noise is very small. A few days and then on the right, or you give me a few frequencies, do not forget to give time ah.

Third, talk about the view

(A) Benefits
1, “IF bandwidth” choice is practical, but also to improve the sound quality.
2, the sound quality is also good little machine.
3, the stored information will never be lost
4, the display font size, wide viewing angle
5, the keys feel good
6, the minimum step right: FM 0.05M, MW 1K, SW 1K.
7, the whole high sensitivity, good selectivity, small and easy to carry.

(B) be improved
1, can not see the boot time
2, regular boot can not be frequency
3, no D91L fast scan storage
4, the antenna should have a slight feeling
5, headphones the noise is very low relative to the D39L and D48L, but there is room for improvement.
6, the numeric keypad numbers contrast with the background of small, difficult to distinguish. There are “MEM” and “ENTER” key to change what the best shape.
7, immediately replace the battery time information is lost, although the memory frequency is not lost, but also a lot of trouble, can not be extended for 2 seconds.
8, the supplied charger can not be changed outside of D91L as filling, otherwise the two panels can not turn charge.

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