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Recently bought a radio is Tecsun PL – 600, the date of manufacture is April 27

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Originally did not want to buy this machine, but the other 2000, can not wait it is estimated that at least another few months or even 2000 to the end and next year is not impossible, it is best to have in my marriage. It is with a restless heart pieces to buy the machine because the machine made no buy online when I read a lot of this machine in the post, found that many users are not satisfied with this machine there are many views and pointed out that this machine has a lot to be desired, so it is afraid of their own to buy the machine is a good machine, because more users can also reflect this machine, so better to buy the machine, not only have good luck, more importantly, the ability to have eyes for purchase.

Therefore did not buy before reading about this report repeatedly post, thanks again for this thread hair dryer assessment and friends, they let me have a lot of knowledge but also very grateful to Tecsun good service management, a large number of the machine manual put out, so I did not buy the machine, etc. in there before this machine has a more understanding and skilled methods of operation, as we buy a machine, do not look at the instructions to save a lot of time and Miss Xiang consultation save a lot of energy on the way this service again Tecsun my first praise, the best guide now put the 2000 first released.

I read the introduction summarizes the users reflect on the following questions:

1 This machine break the sound
2-way switch is very tight distance. Is not flexible enough.
3 slot chassis front panel there is doubt.
4 antenna is not very good. Too soft. And so on and so on.

Hearts have been thinking, Tecsun is a giant, has a long experience in radio production design, how the machine will produce it so wrong? This machine can also buy it, especially some hidden problems ah, but this is nothing a few days , especially for long-wave and the SSB function, and the hidden virtual airline, or a little attractive, it plainly was directed at me over the function to true or otherwise, as to the short and FM, not interested

With more worried that I came to the Electronic City, this machine has three colors, silver, gray, black, according to friends, the first two-color version is old, it is best not to buy, in fact, I like silver, and that color I feel generous, high-end, but to make my money spent there they obstinately against one of the selected black and now in regret, to see if Tecsun headquarters so devout in my attitude, it is best to sell a shell to me. machine to a black boss and said, you go home to try it here do not test them, I have dizziness, and have also quasi-exhausted when the interview a little bit of problem if the machine flash people. It seems that trick not working, because Once the money to the people there, then it is not possible, and I start scratching sound is so dry that big of a table are not received, because the stores in downtown, then such an environment, talk about breaking the sound check ah, had to check the case after the leave.

And then quickly put the machine to take in hand, one estimates the smell out of this machine today is the description of the first interview, I looked carefully repeated appearance of the feeling of this machine are as follows: black shell is commonly used in plastic products sub-reflector, the same as BC3000, and high-end machines may indeed be quite right compared to, let alone what the piano, a ceramic material such as black, so the lack of reflective paint the noble fruit of the countryside, but the price of others in there, if with better material, this machine may not three or four hundred dollars a.
Second, the gap body for some users say, I did not find inadequate, because I think some of the machine may have a little gap for electronic products, this is normal, electronic products need to heat, not specially designed non- not, say PL-600, I am looking for a very long time, did not find any cracks. It seems the fear is unnecessary before a course of this machine before and after the cover, and between the panel highlighted some of these points between the surface and the surface block gap, you can not blame these gaps, it is Tecsun people deliberately do this for aesthetic design. There are a variety of English signs on the front panel and Tecsun sign is printed up in all this that I consider this practice to not good, especially tecsun the words you type more or less as at least 1994 with the brand as post up, so the grade will go up, it does not seem to be how much it costs.

Followed Tecsun machine panel buttons, because buttons and panel design phase is almost flat, so feel bad. Later to focus said it.

Finally, look at what this machine cover there is a small board, you can forward to stand with, so this need not always lie on a machine, you can change your posture, but this bracket is a relative and depend on the wire connected to the lower body. At first I thought the bottom three wire loop is Tecsun’s reference to the car front bumper, Safe deposit for use, but now I understand that this stuff is mainly played this role, ah, why Plastic does not plastic, so do not even match, which I feel is the appearance.
Well, read for so long, and can not be stupid, you should listen and watch as things correct the. So they turn on the radio, as to want to know how the operation went online to see the next instructions. I explain feelings.

Power, this machine made the sound really is not very good. May be due to hearing a lot of 1994, listen to the sound of this machine, which is very offensive, when the signal is weak, the back is also particularly large noise, it seems that this machine compared with the same size machine up, the sound quality is nothing superior to others, I took a bit more than 138 specifically, the sound quality is almost two machines. hurry to FM, the sound quality is still generally ah, it seems that this machine is a function of the selling points, and For example, the addition of SSB and long-wave. the other side if you want good, then it would be difficult and I had a transfer station, there is a radio sound quality really unbearable, there is a dry feeling, Is this the legendary sound of breaking it, I felt very unhappy, of course, I do not expect PL-600 can bring any good sound quality, though he is radio, not the amplifier, but it can not be defeated by one hundred yuan machine 138, ah, I put it to the fire get up from bed, and further to see what this guy is sick in the end, take in hand, pulled out all the antennas,
Turn a little perspective. This sets up the sound of breaking the sound from my opinion, changed for the better, I do not worry the sound to maximum, machine sound the same, I am relieved, anger has disappeared, it seems that this machine sound quality and direction and signal the ah. try this, I feel much better also, I fear that the problem does not seem to happen of course, now you can easily tune the other station.

Test more than an hour, and finally talk about operation feel: the use of this machine as a shuttle function, but also can adjust the time the shuttle, so that New Zealand is still very important, but I think New York Shuttle design feel bad. This New Zealand is almost no friction, so the radio stations in the traditional pointer machine simply can not feel, as this New York friction is too small, or that the sensitivity is too high, when you choose the right platform to listen to, if not carefully gently The touching, or by what is, and has the potential to listen on the radio ran several frequencies, so then the company hope that Tecsun when the next batch of this lack of improvement, (it will not be individual differences), but seems afraid Tecsun happen, so they added a key lock function. Despite this, I strongly urge Tecsun can improve, why BCL3000 feel good?

Hope to learn each other in addition to the above key I think is not very good New Zealand, really did not find any other inadequacies, SSB and the volume of New Zealand is also well designed, very touch, followed by the distance to listen to switch, but also wipe a little, a little resistance, but I think that this resistance is in place, had heard that very tight, I thought to use pliers to pull the move caught it now appears that we totally do not need so worried. a little tight There are many benefits to prevent misuse.

The second is the number keys on the front panel design is almost level with the face, because this would force up by hand, feel not very good ah. Than the phone button for button, but too bad. However, because of the number keys began after more than with the less comfortable it is not uncomfortable. wants to use another way to radio stations.

Here is my most interesting things that the machine sensitivity is the key to the radio side, if one of these machines no matter how good, sensitivity is not high, I want to blow the ceiling regardless of the business chaos Luo, no one would pay for. I tried one, this machine is indeed amazing ability to receive, how much the local to Taiwan several of my mind already, but look at the PL-600 even more radio stations and received a lot of very clear, it seems quite buy this machine values, especially those with several radio stations, I use a bit more than 1994, then randomly sent to the antenna 94, managed to receive, is not clear, many not even the shadow of 94 units, two loud noise such a big gap between what the machine.

. With a TV antenna also receive the satisfaction of many sets of 94 simply do not receive. Such a good harvest for me is very satisfied. It seems to buy the right PL-600 has the same time also have a better 2000 more periods of time. because I think that PL-600 is able to receive many stations because the number of selected sets of precision transfer machine, which is 94 can not be compared, for example, the two stations 98 and 97 it is difficult to separate the 94, PL- 600 can indeed, if 2000 desktop appears I think he’s receiving abilities will certainly be better, once again expected early 2000 appear not too expensive on the list.

94 PL-600 is over, but, perhaps more than unfair, I got a 3000, this machine is the number two tone, I think 3000 should be better than the PL-600, after all, the price is almost two machines, three thousand is a large machine, but the results so I am very disappointed to three thousand in addition to sound a little better, but do not pull out the antenna in the case of three thousand or less PL-600, more than that in the FM area. other than that I do not want to the.

Through the above PL-600 I found the sound quality is not very good, or did not improve, reception or can be, 1994 may be poor sensitivity telescopic antenna it as an external antenna.

Finally, I try other features of this machine, the long-wave side, not receive any radio stations, did not our long-wave radio, it is estimated to be to the north can, try to sell half received only about a local radio station, there is a field far away Radio of course this is a mirror station, but that distant AM and FM radio on I can not find. seems to mirror the radio station if you can mirror over distance, is good. tried this feature does not exist The air mirror

Like short-wave radio station and later I went to my work efficiency Jiangning District and tried long-wave and aviation image,

The long-wave and the mirror of the distant radio, shortwave aviation is no mirror, also received a local station that I do not know, at AM frequencies, but then I found this on the medium wave frequency of the other units of local neighborhood programs, and rural Good little radio mirror, mirror sets like the city of Trinidad and Tobago. and rotten repeated. seems both love mirror image of what the radio band in the end not say ah, I tried FM campus radio 76–87 originally thought to receive a lot of the campus radio station, but received a lot of last confirmation of all local stations are local, so overcharged more than meaningless ho finally repeated the test tone, and received a South campus radio station, and a TV sound, and finally did not let me down, nothing can listen to English is also a good school, but to the rural areas, these are not a mirror sets, or in rural areas is good, there will never receive a lot of repetitions of the hollow radio last tried SSB, I love the curious, the purpose of buying this machine is to know what SSB is, what radio station to receive the best the police can hear the voice of his uncle, first transferred to the machine bottom shortwave frequencies, starting from 1722, press the SSB , then they would understand, SSB is a tiring thing, and lots of elbow grease, a process not buy the machine, but regret later friends, because SSB to hand-tune This machine is no automatic search function to SSB. we think see ah, I step from the 1711KZ to the 30MZ is 1KZ, I have to adjust how long ah. Please see the conversion of trillion is 1,000 to, ah, because I do not know whether the SSB of local radio stations, but also would like to receive a few over the radio. I desperately tone design that is my opinion, too light without loss account of the friction of the shuttle, just opened, I feel did not feel, but ten minutes later still no radio out of my hands ache, just think The shuttle did not feel good now become heavy. machine issued a Wulu sound, the voice of doubt, but also adjust the volume between the shuttle and the frown that beat New Zealand so I patiently persist in twenty minutes after the hand is too much for, but this time did not receive a SSB radio from thirty trillion is still a long distance, but now I understand why the designers put the shuttle design Tecsun so light, it seems easy to listen to SSB

Friends, ah, if the Shuttle to do a tight grip, I get on the ground so long, and once again thank the designer have such a great Tecsun far to seek perspective. After a time of physical and labor work, SSB reached the following conclusions to be want to play this function must be patient, in particular, whether with or without local SSB radio, but also know-OFF time, the best frequency but also know how much. I do not want to work this type of needle in the haystack and finally we also advise This SSB radio is not too substantial to listen, or listen to normal radio major. After all, time-consuming, if you really want to try, do not report any surprises. of course, to see whether the local SSB radio and now people with social development This radio has been very small, so we buy more when the machine not to have to listen to SSB as the main purpose of which is often let you down, so buy a 450 and 550 are good, you used the PL-600 will think it is more the SSB is not a great, low rate of course the price if the machine is similar to PL-600 or to vote for it, after all, this function
Better than nothing, says no day may give you unexpected surprise.

Finally, take a look at PL-600 feature set is concerned, and 200,450,500 of this almost, but I think the number of transfer machines in receiver sensitivity, and the selection of units do much better than the pointer, to take care not to buy or transfer machine to buy a few friends, I deliberately put some well-known benefits of several conditioners to say more. PL-600 PL-600 can be saved radio stations, automatic search and save sets of functions, but which 0 can save 100 stations, and can not be changed. other 500 base stations and number of pages can be set in here to note, PL-600 automatic search and save sets of functions can be used only in the range of 0 page and FM and AM. long-short spread is not automatically saved station If you want the PL-600 to automatically search for stations automatically assigned things to exist, such as 3 is not possible, ie PL-600 can only be 0 page has automatic search and auto-save feature sets, 0 page more than 500 radio stations can only automatic search manually save sets. (I could not use, not to be understanding ah, but I have studied for a long time, should not be wrong)

PL-600 shortwave receiver side if the automatic search function, if the search to the radio will pause for a few wonderful minutes, you do not want to hear will continue to search the next station, but to keep Taiwan Shique irritated, when it is found to the radio When you If you want to keep Taiwan, although it pause for a few wonderful minutes, but this time press the key is stored can not afford to keep the radio station, have to settle down the UP or DOW key, and then we can save sets of keys, so that Taiwan can not be directly stored really irritated and I think the right search with automatic station search function, when to press the save sets stored sets of button on it, and PL-600 should be selected automatically search the next station. This time the right procedures rather than the actual operation of the station when PL-600 While stopped, press the UP or DOW but also key, and then save sets of keys, and keep off the radio after the PL-600 do not continue to search sets of To DOW key press UP or can, if necessary deposit and short-wave radio, tired of people ah estimate is strongly hope Tecsun to change the program.

Then try a little anti-jamming capabilities, while on the computer, turn on the computer, medium wave and FM, FM in weak signal station in the grid is full, but all the noise, a good strong units in no unusual radio jamming sound . Polish side will receive sets of high-frequency, low frequency units can receive, indicating high-frequency side than the low frequency. then tried 1994

This machine anti-interference ability of scary, in the FM frequency in PL-600 can not receive sound, but 1994 was able to very clearly hear the program, it appears that low sensitivity is also good ah .1994 and PL-600 is still very color of their respective Yan / 3000 and 138 PL-600 and similar performance.

Look to send the antenna, much better than 1994, but is still a wire around a plastic film, I looked really want to laugh
Tecsun how to do this so manufacturers high-tech antenna without it:? Clearly is to add a plug wire thing. More or less should be the people do not understand our antenna out ah I tried TV antenna into the PL- 600 found Tecsun doing it again, still did not do the machine interface, and television standards, the 1994 big machine, antenna interface, then the same fine as a needle, then do not buy the antenna is up, now PL-600 antenna interface and a little rough but still no unified TV interface, but using a mono headphone jack, this is not a unified approach to receive long-distance friends who want to bring great inconvenience, Tecsun not kind ah.

Finally, PL-600 that is about the mass storage units, a lot of people think that PL-600 PL-600 radio stations kept too much. Is this really true you and I and a lot of machines specially fans of a little, save PL-600 个Radio is not that much of course there is no local PL-600 can not radio stations, but as PL-600 is a portable machine, always follow you carry it is normal to go, we take a look at how the majority of local fans with PL-600 PL-600 radio stations exist. First 0 storage units with automatic station search function, so the page is very important, at the receiver is called scanning. If you often go out to play and would like to know where you are able to receive any channel kinds of radio stations, you can use this function to a few minutes it will tell you the situation of the place where income units, while kept down so that you check, really very intimate service ah, so 0 can not exist in any case fixed stations, If you deposit a fixed station on the waste of this function, but also bring trouble, if you accidentally press the band select button, PL-600 will be re-election platform, keep your radio all previously covered, so the fixed radio there is more than 0 is now a lot of radio, AM FM 50-100 estimated average city would just like it seems, PL-600 went 0 for you anywhere you want to save the 100 radio stations, and then get rid of your local FM to hear about one hundred medium-wave, there are some 400 radio stations locations, but if you want to listen to the radio at home and at work, just at the right time but also to stay there to work 50-100 units received radio frequency in my home town, in rural areas to work effectively, PL-600 on the memory of two local radio

More general rural radio so I either go home and go to work, do not re-sets the search. This calculation PL-600 and 300 radio stations location, if you work together on local and there are 400 homes, but Hundreds of fans for this machine is still a little nervous now a lot of short-wave radio stations, radio stations have to repeat the calculation, because they do not repeat the same radio frequency, when you listen to this frequency interference, you have to want to change the frequency to listen to Listen to effect change, so have to keep repeating the radio ah so it is again the number one hundred to one, we know that short day, every hour of the radio frequency is not the same, keep your radio morning to noon, at night you can not used, keep the radio at noon, the morning had not received any program, so you listen to shortwave, it must be time to save sets of points to close at different times between, so short you have to at least three times in the day storage units, each deposit early in the evening if the station is 100, this figure much of it, then PL-600 个 recommended number of units to run out and if you want to keep Taiwan at night to listen to, and that PL-600 is a fundamental enough used, which is perhaps why the output of mass storage Tecsun the number of units, of course, you do not feel too short to listen to waste in this we feel Tecsun is the basis of the masses to understand the aspirations of local fans, only to make the heart care and the design shows how people’s vision is ambitious. I can not understand.

At the same time this machine more than the old version delete function when the frequency enter a wrong, you can press the backlight button to light is that you can delete the wrong word, I think this feature of little significance, so is not the first to buy the machine friends sad, because the number keys are too stiff, really slow to the input frequency is entered wrong does not matter, this machine there within 3 seconds from the addition function, when you input frequency, we found wrong, you stop the importation of , the machine will be after 3 seconds from the addition in the wrong frequency, you can just re-enter, so I consider this feature, add little value compared to the old version of this machine and nothing changes, the sound quality of this machine as it is not a selling point, but also a general, after the hand too much and do not feel wrong / new time was reduced to 120 minutes, gains will lose, but I think from 480 into 120, the loss is still very large.

Power, the power punch to send a six-volt electrical output, the machine is 4.5 volts, if the general machine power adapter battery power than the machine a little higher, but the level does not matter to me, I used the machine in , I bought a lot to spread the goods with the use of the power adapter that should be used indiscriminately, has spread to nine volts used in the 3-volt machine credit, and it has nothing, Tecsun 138 machine with an external power supply is not stress, and can insert, does not exceed 12 volts on the line, do the instructions said to use the official Tecsun special charger, where we find here any special red electrical ah, but I am so indiscriminate use of power, have not seen the machine is like burned Now PL-600 such a high price, I was afraid to mess with, and really do not know why the higher the price the more delicate machine. PL-600 power connector on the left side, which is much better than 3000 and 138, 3,000 and 138 do not know that they are Tecsun designer, looks good, but we want to put it is difficult to machine flat, because the power connector and then the two machines behind it can not be placed flat, so it is always 3000 and 138 standing, when I moved the table they always fall. distressed ah, really looking Tecsun accounts.

PL-600 power supply is now in the side of this machine can lie down, and you can not back support plate, as if PL-600 also must be designed, followed by the PL-600 when the external power supply connected, the machine battery irrelevant , which are all on this machine. nothing strange, but Blame in listening to the radio with an external power supply to the battery can not be washed Shique power, how can such a design, for what purpose? my heart is really uneven ah. So with this machine red when the power will not listen to machine, machine will not be able to listen to impulse power, perhaps Tecsun is afraid of the machine while listening to the machine while Oki will adversely it, but I see a lot of machine power can all be washed aside, listening, and my 138 is not very good it? this Tecsun to think about.

Finally, we take a look at this machine a few shortcomings, the first is the emergence of air-band system, which is like the official did not give any answer. Just say this machine is no such function, although no such function, but because a lot of curiosity This person is directed at the phenomenon of infiltration machine, so this is like for Tecsun is still a good thing, but even many of the industry that Tecsun and may release two versions, such as the overseas edition is likely to have This feature (Degen 1104 is the case), although there are a good thing the people are no suspicious circumstances after the Murder, but I want to clarify that, now, with the high-tech development, some of the machine and off-frequency spread spectrum almost no change circuit board, and modify system parameters through software, shut down and change some of the functionality is not impossible.

Secondly, my machine panel is in English, but the puzzle is the back cover of the supporting plate is Chinese, this inconsistency, pay no attention to the image of the practice, has always been Tecsun a habitual style, we now have think of Hm2000 Kent after the word mark, of course, may be afraid that we do not know Tecsun frequency range of this machine, only to spare no effort marked the Chinese subtitles, but I think the Chinese subtitles panel seems more important than cover the same time to see Such inconsistent look, very reminiscent of what is assembled on the mobile phone market matter, gray matter, such a word. This is as it clearly shows Tecsun in the production of this machine is mainly for export, the rear panel of the word is very hasty change a bit.

Do want to write such a machine to buy a friend a reference, I think we will go ahead and buy a machine, do not just say to those friends thought it would be serious problems, after all, people still a giant. PL-600 on the cost will not let you down, it’s not lost 7PL-600 machine .. say do not buy back any excessive expectations, will make glad the clincher. more than the time to be objective, many people love With this machine, and Sony and root Derby, I think the performance of this machine is not lost to foreign machines on the line, not to more than anything else, people want to know the price but the machine thousand Yuan, Tecsun but a few hundred dollars ah, when you do not see how good the machine, how to work fine, why not Bibi prices?

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