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The Tecsun 9700DX with the Tecsun R-909 test results,Radio Review

Very fascinated by the recent the Tecsun The R-909, also know that this is Tecsun the first fame of the machine, but unfortunately the 1996 election machine choose a the Tecsun the PL-737, the machine too much power, and the band insufficiency, the effect of income received now seems too unsatis More →

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Tecsun 9700DX and Tecsun R9710 to compare the results Radio Reviews

Some time ago to his roommate’s 9710 and 9702 were compared, returned to the bedroom out of the 9700DX and 9710 were some simple comparison.

As the 9700DX is the main highlight of the shortwave bands, so I tried to get hands on in short, the prior statement, in contrast, I have a preconceived More →

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Tecsun PL-600 Radio Reviews

Said first reception it, the acceptance of performance of this machine is really good, very clear FM radio, voice sound good. I have another BCL-2000, PL-350 and 9700DX and far worse than it. Also received three foreign language radio station (Southeast Asia) seems to be one of Thailand’s English More →

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Tecsun 9700DX and Grundig YB235 more

When he first entered the stage Tecsun 9700DX, simply listen to the listen to it and compare the best Grundig YB235, above all, the same price. Two pointers are the mechanical tuning method. Three are used four batteries. I listen in the office environment is not good, in comparison to where t More →

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