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DTS-09 is very beautiful, Anjan needs to be done Radio Reviews

I love listening to the radio, love radio more.

    ANJIAN DTS-09 is no stranger to me. Since the Anjan DTS-09 forum to see the picture, it was decided a Anjan into the machine, and the picture as desktop computers. Forget to Anjan forum every day to see the progress of this machine More →

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Anjan DTS-09 engineering prototype evaluation radio Reviews

I was received October 13 Anjan DTS-09’s, just opened the package at the time looked at, because there was no battery, took a sheet wrapped figure made ​​out, since the security key received after the company DTS-09 begins a busy period, and we have no time to play with Anjan carefully DTS-09, just More →

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Anjan DTS-09 upgrades the fourth edition of VS Degen DE1103 radio Reviews

Anjan DTS-09 upgraded version than the original the most obvious change is the shell material change, the original smooth surface of the plastic, gray and black, and now the new version changed now matte surface, black, some people say that this version is a silicone oil, I am not quite sure is n More →

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A domestic quality – Evaluation Anjan DTS-09 radio Reviews

Compare models: Anjan DTS-09, Degen DE1103 and Tecsun PL600
(1103 comparison test, and only, PL600 is a mature model does not compare)
Comparison: 1, the band reception, 2, manual, automatic search and storage effects, 3, mirroring and drift
4, 5 audio and sound quality, operational performance, 6, pr More →

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Degen DE1103 PK Anjan A-1008 Radio Review

Out of the box, he gave me the first impression can be “fine” to describe. Open the box, the following parts:

1 host one, machine number: A1008040309692
2 Manual
3. Warranty card
4 Service Tracking Survey
5 Service Guarantee
6 sets of protective clothing
7. Headset
8. Shortwave external antenna

It shou More →

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Anjan A1008 ten-band digital stereo clock radio test machine evaluation Reviews

Second, the internal test

1. The test machine object: Anjan A1008-type ten-band digital stereo clock radio test machine – Production provider: Giant Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch; production date: May 12, 2004; serial number: A1008040309978; iron-gray version; May 25 10:00 am by the EMS serv More →

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Anjan A-1008 radio reports trial Reviews

Listening experience:
I lived in the suburbs, the ideal listening environment will be a – 1008 had prepared on the desk, the reference machine for the Degen DE1103, Tecsun PL757. All with the use of security keys from the headphones, use ready-made television sets from Taiwan remote antenna mountain More →

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Anjan A-1008 Reviews Reviews

My 1008 audio-visual (A)
Today, all the machines in my local business there, and A-1008 did not find the price of similar models machine performance. No way, I can only use my first sight, ears, thick envelope estimate to evaluate the quality of A-1008 radio.
Time: 2004,05,30, morning: 08:30.
Location: More →

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From the A-1008 to see Anjan Anjan strategist Reviews

Anjan A-1008 is a classic example in his classic lies in the medium wave, shortwave, FM 10-band compression to 10 cm long, 6.2 cm high, 2 cm thick, the tiny box, and his ultra-small, ultra-thin, big eyes (widescreen digital display), big magnanimous (inclusive medium wave, shortwave, FM 10 bands) More →

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Anjan A-1008 Radio Reviews

Which contrast with the A-1008 for the machine are: Anjan A-1007S, Degen DE108, Tecsun R-912

First, the appearance and functionality:
Appearance is a very sensitive topic. Rengeyouzhi, and everyone has a different aesthetic, is the so-called eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom.
I A-1008 is a s More →

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