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Kchibo D48L received simple feelings and disassemble three map Radio Reviews

Initial use of combination D39L feelings

1: FM auto-scan testing two machines the same scanning speed automatic storage is the comparison of the two planes relative to the D48L D39L less record two frequencies (one of which is a strong signal frequency) D48L D39L small relative to the record on t More →

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Kchibo D91L, D39L, D48L relatively simple Radio Reviews


First of all thank Kchibo, I an ordinary radio enthusiasts have the opportunity to experience different types of DSP radio, has received a golden D91L, D39L black and D48L, put them together to make a simple comparison, as a reference the Degen DE1121 radio.

1 overall comparison

1.1 A More →

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Full three-dimensional multi-angle taste Kchibo Di fast Reddy D48L ,Radio Reviews

See this machine had a first impression is graceful lines, soft edges and gentle and delicate D48L arc very in tune, if made ​​of angular This machine is too masculine words (such as D39L). Material is also very particular about the choice of materials, not just get our hands when the pungent smel More →

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Kchibo D92L VS D48L ,radio Reviews

Kchibo always give people a surprise, which I just received today first impression Kchibo D92L

Written on the packaging: Shuttle tuning, 1K step, direct frequency input … … D48L, he did not all have, it seems Kairon another masterpiece! I can not wait to quickly open the box.

D92L D48L sligh More →

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