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Kchibo D91L-the radio technology revolution TanLuZhe ,Radio Reviews

Receive Kchibo D91L day total impression volume, lightweight, color coordinated, beautiful, easy to use, easy to use. Demonstrated the use of high sensitivity and good selectivity. Turned out to listen to the Linxian FM radio stations to pull out the antenna, and can not pull the antenna Kchibo D91L More →

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The initial feelings of Kchibo D39L,Radio Reviews

D391 received this morning! Initial feeling afternoon began to write using the feelings!
The initial feeling is that D39L D91L improve a lot.
On two pictures, shot with N72, the effect is not very good.

D39L D91L preliminary comparison to results:
Environment, the company (8 F, 2 m away from th More →

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