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Perceptual DEGEN DE1106 DE1103 — On the antenna and the AGC two parts, the last part of the personal feelings,Radio Reviews

The first part,

Radio is a very complicated device, although it may be the classic principle, as well as low manufacturing threshold, very cheap price – to spread the goods.

He can also be very expensive receiver, but your software circuit design, rather than the cost of components. But to do su More →

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TECSUN PL380 and incomplete contrast Degen DE1106 Reviews

1, design
06’s design philosophy is to aim at the domestic portable radio to the pinnacle of performance, so go the traditional route, which is the effort to listen to the performance, quality, workmanship and other aspects are the best as far as possible. This idea can be regarded as radio design, More →

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DEGEN-DE1106 initial impression Reviews

Machine number: 0018

FM: Sensitivity equivalent to about 1103 (I was the first edition), 03 received, 06 are left out (including the weak units), but the direction of 06 strong, and occasionally to move the body in order to demodulate the stereo. Ultra-weak station reception, the 03 voice intelligib More →

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DEGEN DE1106 Reviews

DE1106 finally at hand, like many of my friends are looking forward to DE1106 radio performance, I also do so. But has been harvested PL600, Anjan DTS09, Robinson RP2100, Kairon S500, Degen DE1103 for me, always remind myself: the performance of traditional portable radio has almost done the first, More →

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DE1106 use experience Reviews

Got the 1106, the overall feeling good, I like her voice (although many people have complained, but all have love), it is clear, transparent, although the lack of bass, but the music sweet. And the voice compared to 2100, seems close to its bass, treble, when quite a hit about 80%.

Music on hand let More →

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