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DEGEN DE1103 and DE1122FM listen to contrast ,Radio Reviews

I use the Degen DE1103 Degen DE1122 in FM and contrast a bit, Degen DE1103 receive 10 channels, the quality is very good;

Degen DE1122 received 11 units, more than a TV sound at 72.5MHz, Degen DE1103 minimum starting from 76MHz so do not receive, in general, and Degen DE1122 Degen DE1103 in incom More →

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Kchibo D39L, Tecsun PL350, Degen DE1122, Degen DE1103 Reviews ,Radio Reviews

Evaluation Time: at 8:30 p.m. on April 26, 2008 – 22:30

     Reception conditions: using their native antenna orientation adjusted to the optimum.

     Antenna length: D39L-415mm

             PL More →

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Degen DE1122 radio disassemble Comment Reviews

Degen DE1122 is a digital wide-band radio and MP3 combination product is an innovative field of radio.

I received a 1122 for some time, but also a comprehensive view over open, polished, machine basic understanding of the situation, so dare we talk about so-called up to the assessment of the machine More →

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DE1103, PL600, DE1122, S2000 comparison Reviews

Machine number DE0379, the rest of the machine are the same with everyone. That started before the machine on a handy pre-publicity photos:

From the sensitivity of speaking, FM, medium wave, short wave sensitivity and DE1103, PL600 something between that gap can be ignored.

From the stability per More →

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