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Talk briefly about Kchibo D39L feelings ,Radio Reviews

Very to thank Kchibo received this radio before the Chinese New Year.

First to say a few:
1 appearance
Shape size and D91L, but silver is significantly larger than the golden engaging, the screen is smaller, but did not reduce the amount of information. The original some Chinese logo button English More →

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The initial feelings of Kchibo D39L,Radio Reviews

D391 received this morning! Initial feeling afternoon began to write using the feelings!
The initial feeling is that D39L D91L improve a lot.
On two pictures, shot with N72, the effect is not very good.

D39L D91L preliminary comparison to results:
Environment, the company (8 F, 2 m away from th More →

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Kchibo DSP D39L then experience: quiet music wizard ,Radio Reviews


The past two days been receiving D48L and D39L official version, for D39L, I am most concerned about is that I mentioned in an article in the issue is resolved, so these two days, including the space to work close at hand but also the D39L test.
Performance, reception is greatly impro More →

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