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Kchibo D91L machine ratings,Radio Reviews

Kchibo of this model let me surprised, not his performance and technology, but in the domestic market do not have such a such a compact and can store radio radio.

First he let me think of a machine in the SONY (N years ago soon), I bought a similar a Tecsun radio (R818) in the post, but the volume More →

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Pocket Radio DSP chip installed Kchibo D91L initial feeling,Radio Reviews

Received pocket radio D91L a few days, the overall impression is compact, coordination, beautiful, easy to use. Use performance and good selectivity, FM sensitivity enough (feeling demodulation threshold), good selectivity not found in the FM segment mirror.Considered over and over again, although More →

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Listen to the DSP the sound: Kchibo the DSP the D91L simple evaluationa ,Radio Reviews

1, compact machine, easy to use, easy to carry

FM sensitivity and selectivity. Polish anti-jamming badly.
FM: Antenna short, general radio antenna erected Do not pull out can be a good receiver. Than the average of the machine, or even adjust the machine to be better.
High sensitivity: the local pul More →

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Kchibo DSP D91L and other machine evaluation of contrast,Radio Reviews

Broadcasting figures of the footsteps is gradually came to the DAB, DRM, HDRADIO, network, satellite broadcasting and other digital technology the future of broadcasting development of a trend, the development of digital is driven broadcasting but also a spring broadcast with other media incomparabl More →

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Kchibo DSP-D91L FM compared Degen DE1103 ,Radio Reviews

Kchibo D91L FM compared Degen DE1103

Note: listen to from the radio straight-line distance of the city where! ~ (Approximate mileage)
     tashui – Chengdu 96 km

tashui – Mianyang, 31 kilometers
     tashui – County 16 km

tashui – Deyang 38 km
  & More →

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