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Kchibo DSP experience using wide-band radio D92L Radio Reviews

First, on the appearance of
For the appearance of the different fans have different feelings, I first saw the D92’s image machine feel virtuous shadow of Health and R-305, after receiving in-kind in the hand have a kind of KK-S500 condensed version of the idea. Overall, very engaging, in-kind look More →

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The first time the new machine using kchibo DSP D92L ,Radio Reviews

The day before yesterday afternoon received Kchibo  new machine D92L! This is from Kchibo  DSP series machine! First direct frequency input, the machine with a Shuttle! Hurry! First to write a little,

Actually listen to the contrast

There used Kchibo D48L on my Nokia 3250 phone as More →

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kchibo DSP machine: D92L, Radio Reviews

Feel feel really good, just a slap in his hand, heavy, FM nice, little interference is not, the sound quality Ye Hao, that the network is very strong speaker, and not easy to depression, they do not often change with lithium batteries. Brought on by. The appearance of floating light, brought immedia More →

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Kchibo DSP detailed dismantling the whole band radio D92L Radio Reviews

I had not contact with the radio, and occasionally on the Q group to see the day, that is limit sale D92L Radio 50, was only two or three of. Took a moment on the mind of a fever down, who knows separated soon after added to stage 50, fooled ah.

Photographed after the machine I do not know what is More →

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Tecsun PL600 and the contrast Kchibo DSP-D92L Radio Reviews

D92L advantages:

1 small size, light weight, easy to carry
2 shows a week

3 with a 5V power supply, I made ​​a small round of a USB transfer cable, one end plugged into the computer’s USB port, plug the other end of D92L, D92L charge successfully, then I removed battery again, listening als More →

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