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TECSUN PL-300WT / Grundig G8 Evaluation Reviews

TECSUN PL-300WT / Grundig G8 is the recent launch of a portable radio

Both types of machine are Chinese TECSUN production, performance, features exactly the same, difference is the G8 followed grundig commonly used rubber black casing, while the PL-300WT, conventional black, while a silver machi More →

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Grundig ETON G3 Global Traveler RDS / RBDS / FMSTEREO / AIR / LW / MW / SW SYNC synchronous detection detailed evaluation of a full-featured radio Reviews


G3 G5 represents the emergence of retired, because the shape is the same, but deep down they are essentially different, in general, G5 really worship. Meanwhile, G3 also ETON title of “world traveler” in the title, G5 does not seem to like the nickname, and G6 were given a “pilot” of this fa More →

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S700 on the use of advanced radio experience Reviews

Grundig machine I heard the sound quality is better, has had a chance to personally experience a while ago to get the help of friends, things like Grundig Satellite 700 Radio finally reached my senior hands, s700 after the hand though exciting, but they do not know how to use after a week of its man More →

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Grundig S700 impression Reviews

S-700 is perhaps the myth of the history of contemporary radio, and this production by the Portuguese Grundig products is considered to be the “most perfect” of the radio product, its quality, “impeccable” performance “unique” as the “most great radio! ”

S-700 in-kind images

So to have S-700 peopl More →

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Grundig GRUNDIG-YB-400 shortwave Performance Evaluation Reviews

YB-400 full name is YACHT BOY 400

YB-400 all-band receive frequency range

FM: 87.5MHz–108MHz

LW: 144KHz – 353KHz

MW: 520KHz – 1710KHz

SW: 1710KHz – 30000KHz

YB-400 short-wave is divided into 20 meter band (including international standard meter band), can store 40 radio frequencies. YB-400 is the w More →

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FM Yagi antenna homemade and FM radio receiver in the case of Dongguan Reviews

First, my goal of FM radio

The first is high-quality music, better sound quality, can demodulate the stereo, the noise is lower. I was a HIFI enthusiast, this area can not be vague. FM radio station at the old Medical Chen have basically been occupied, only Taiwan and Dongguan, Guangdong music radio More →

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Read "all kinds of receiving the product PASSPORT 2005 star ratings."

2005 PASSPORT 2004 in sales of various types of products to receive a star rating. I do not have this book, the book which is said to occupy a lot of radio advertising space, the main content is published in the latest radio frequency, features and interviews articles. Of receiving the product star More →

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