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Grundig old radio evaluation radio Reviews

This is of AM/SW1 / SW2 + FM practical some it. 2 “10 W / 5 ohms output, with stereo codec, FM has five primary according to health.

Greatly small nearly 10 place, check the United States has a fault website have this type drawing cries. Out of the 14.99 beauty m + 20% commission whole docu More →

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China Radio Museum Reviews

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Radio History

Great world of wonders, a variety of collectors, I am sure you’ve seen a lot, but it should not have seen the radio collections in exhibitions. This time we will take you to open to open the horizons of this area. Today to show you are a radio collector’s collection of more than 500 portable radios More →

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Radio History

January 23, 1923
Osborne’s Chinese Americans and Chinese radio company was founded king, through self-built radio station broadcast the first radio show in Shanghai, while selling radio. The city has more than 500 radio stations to receive the broadcast, which is the region’s first batch of Shanghai More →

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