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Kchibo KK-S500 using the feeling,Radio Review

First, the initial impression
At noon today, just received the KK-S500, the initial impression:

1, the machine flat, the antenna is not vertical;

2, FM stereo switch, headphone jack control, insert the stereo, open, pull out the stereo off, if you want to want to turn off stereo with headphones o More →

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Using the seven-day feelings of Kchibo KK-S500,Radio.Reviews

I last Sunday to receive the KK-S500, dating back over seven days, yesterday to take home, KK-S500 has a new understanding of the KK-S500. Made a post a few days ago, are ferry to listen to the comparison, the environment is not my home.; my house in the eastern suburbs, very few natural conditions, More →

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