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TECSUN PL-310 short-term use evaluation Reviews

PL310 to start three days, serial number 35,720,090,901,222.

Recently began to focus on the radio, only used PL600, so I can compare only these two machines.

First talk about the disadvantages:

1, the body dies due to work fine, the left joints leaked already heard, on my machine really exists.

2, d More →

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Tecsun pl-310 AM FM Stereo World Band DSP Radio

Tecsun pl-310 AM FM Stereo World Band DSP Radio

The machine uses U.S. SILICON LABS si4734 digital signal processing (DSP) chip, the analog FM / AM radio signal digital conversion, and its use of modern principles of software radio processing and demodulation, which greatly improved the receiver sensitivity, selectivity, letter noise ratio and interference.
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