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TECSUN PL380 and incomplete contrast Degen DE1106 Reviews

1, design
06’s design philosophy is to aim at the domestic portable radio to the pinnacle of performance, so go the traditional route, which is the effort to listen to the performance, quality, workmanship and other aspects are the best as far as possible. This idea can be regarded as radio design, More →

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tecsun PL-380 Reviews

I am very satisfied with the radio, work really well, has been worried about the uneven backlight problem not found, it appears that Germany is carried out to improve health.

Listen a little, not Sha FM feel 660 can receive it received, 660 less than it received is not received. AM on the three unit More →

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Simply talk about the PL-380 passing with six years experience using the PL-200 to do some comparison Reviews

Taking advantage of the weekend playing for two days following his talk with a simple experience for everyone to be a reference

1. PL series is a general appearance of style, but I think black and red 380 that abnormal beautiful, fly in the ointment is that I want to be like 9702 if the power butt More →

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Tecsun pl-380 digital tuing FM AM MW DSP Digtal Radio

Tecsun pl-380 digital tuing FM AM MW DSP Digtal Radio

FM Receiving frequency range (64 – 108MHz), including part of the campus radio and 2 – 5 channel TV audio programs.
Seven kinds of methods of selection sets: easy tuning (ETM), manually search for radio frequency (VF), manual searches stored radio (VM), direct frequency entry or directly enter the stored digital radio address numbers, visit the radio frequency automatic search, automatic search browse the stored stations. ETM which is to improve the income units Desheng efficiency original method of income units. More →

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