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Tecsun PL-550 radio to use Notes,Radio Review

This Tecsun the PL-550 radio origins of first explain clearly: machine in exchange for more than Christine teacher DE1103. The DE1103 Degen was prize quiz to earn points earned and spent 150 yuan. Earn points is to rely on the copying the Alibaba heroes of the answer copied. DE1103 change pLPL-550 D More →

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About Tecsun PL-550 new machine to play with the initial feelings of ,Radio Reviews

Just hand Tecsun Tecsun Tecsun  PL-550  improved earlier I bought the black version with another one, with a total of two Tecsun Tecsun  PL-550  hands, and so, a collection, with a … … it really comfortable! Jar on these two days coincided with the DE1103 Degen officially More →

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Tecsun PL-550, Degen DE1103, Sangean ATS-909X ,Radio Reviews


1103 beautiful beautiful appearance, especially in the black section that looks very good texture, surface shell of metal aluminum material.

Of course, size is small, this little machine for those who love the gospel, but do not meet my preferences. By comparison, 550 volu More →

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Greatly improve the GREEN-88 bass Radio Reviews

Bought a G88 for a week, a few days before gradually be several useful improvements: installation of tuning indicator; expand the volume control knob. They just are not satisfied with the bass on the improvements achieved very significant results!

The day before yesterday to help relatives and bough More →

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