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TECSUN PL600 and PL350 complicated simple comparison Reviews

Had just bought Tecsun PL600, delight, and loneliness. PL600/450 is the latest generation of portable Tecsun wide-band digital tuning machine machine king, and the previous generation machines king (milestone PL350/550) compared to progress then? Home only sets PL350, so be it done on behalf of, a p More →

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TECSUN PL350 initial use experience Reviews

I began early to use tecsun  products, and other early machine just feel almost, since 9700DX feel after tecsun mill real sword for radio enthusiasts, whether it is sound, performance and technology have reached a very high level. Later B2K although some unhappy place, but its design is still v More →

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PL350 VS HD1103 Reviews

Simultaneously listen to the frequency and time, human victories this point PL350

Paging storage switch, the hand wheel on your memory frequency, ats. . . . . .
PL350 complete victory

Really locked in here

Begin demolition, and I particularly mind the detai More →

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