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The Tecsun 9700DX with the Tecsun R-909 test results,Radio Review

Very fascinated by the recent the Tecsun The R-909, also know that this is Tecsun the first fame of the machine, but unfortunately the 1996 election machine choose a the Tecsun the PL-737, the machine too much power, and the band insufficiency, the effect of income received now seems too unsatis More →

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The third edition of Tecsun PL660 with the first edition, the fourth edition of Degen the DE1103, FM, Competition,Radio Review

Received today a friend sent the Tecsun the PL-660, with two hours for the PK.
Found that the Tecsun the PL-660 MW slightly better than Degen the DE1103 shortwave I have always been interested in, not contrast.
received three air-band signal, very excited.

FM comparison is as follows

The Tecsun an More →

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On the Sangean 909X and Tecsun PL-660,Radio Review

First, the initial impression of the PL660:

The appearance of (i), PL660

1, the sound quality more than 7600GR many loud and clear and a lot;

2,Workmanship is not ambiguous, the mold can be described as fine seams neatly and evenly, without any burrs or protrusions;

3, key than 7600GR soft, More →

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The Tecsun the PL-660 and Grundig, G6, a complete contrast,Radio Review


1, the following text describes the purely subjective intent, without any test data as the basis;

2, described models in the text refer to the I machinery in the hands of individuals, not all of the models;

G6 in terms of three, strictly speaking, this comparison is unfair, even t More →

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Kchibo KK-D6110 Radio Experience of Using,Radio Review


Dsp automatic radio stations, and found a lot of manual ignored radio. Am, found a lot of clear units.

Design than fashion. Look also OK.


1, too much power, three battery Nanfu supermarket to buy authentic, listening not three days.

2, the battery did not poi More →

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Internet Radio purchase experience and evaluation on the Sangean WFR – 1,Radio Review

Accompanied by an international shortwave radio to gradually shift the network broadcast, listeners with a computer software, such as tornadoes, Chien, listening, snow rhyme, but listening to the radio with software, a lot of inconvenience, you must open the computer, to endure several fan noise, po More →

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The Sangean ATS909X use details,Radio Review

1, we are most concerned about receiving performance: almost equal 7600GR the DE1103 no problem

2, we are most concerned about sound quality: 1.5W speakers, the resolution is high, Chunhou DCin after Pompon sound

3, the operation feel: touch switch, hard, but also to ensure a long life, SW Cross More →

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Sangean ATS909X Radio Review


Cell cartridge design is very elegant, both battery options, and medium wave stepper choose this design is very interesting. Piece of sheet iron is Zuosa do not know.

Just received when install batteries, found the ga ga of voice of, not a surprised, is what is the internal off, and More →

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Redsun RP2100 use experience,Radio Review

Redsun RP2100 listed for a long time, according to the description is good performance has always wanted to buy a play. Finally determined to set on Taobao, even goods refund! Recently had the privilege of friends for sale a After a period of time are familiar with and use to get some feel for the More →

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Early taste of the 1970s boutique Radio Sony ICF-5800,Radio Review

– Early products, the 1970s boutique Radio Sony ICF-5800
  I first met the ICF-5800 radio enthusiasts Association in March this year, altar Friends of the Pudong Zhang bring his beloved artifact, at first glance, the black and white, because all kinds of BCL models often seen in various forums, More →

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