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Anjan DTS-18 Lyrics,Radio Reviews

Audition experience:
Anjan engineering and technical personnel on the opinions of users attached great importance to a greater improvement on the DTS-13 MP3 player display

By a few days of the audition thoughts are as follows:

1, reception
I AM launch mass is not good rarely listen to the night More →

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Tecsun PL-210 new aircraft hand early experience,Radio Reviews

Hovering in the PL-210, 380,390 more than two months, and finally start PL-210.

Like the black machine, bought red PL-210. Long story, do not say. However, this machine made me a bit surprised, mainly in the following three points:

FM sensitivity, selectivity, FM segment ATS search efficiency, s More →

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Perceptual DEGEN DE1106 DE1103 — On the antenna and the AGC two parts, the last part of the personal feelings,Radio Reviews

The first part,

Radio is a very complicated device, although it may be the classic principle, as well as low manufacturing threshold, very cheap price – to spread the goods.

He can also be very expensive receiver, but your software circuit design, rather than the cost of components. But to do su More →

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The Tecsun PL300WT use details,Radio Reviews

1 B, the sound can be turned off from the start I do not know, feel that the machine at night was very noisy people, manual beginning, I scanned and did not find you can turn off, then play two days after the B sound did not, I thought the machine problems , so Light boot press and can turn off th More →

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Start 7600GR use the experience,Radio Reviews

I like using the Sennheiser headset to listen to the program to accurately restore the audio output. After all, the direct use of the horn, it is easy to ignore the voice of the details, the following description of all the headphones test. The way and TECSUN the PL380.

1, the sound quality
Headpho More →

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Anjan DTS-18 radio audition report,Radio Reviews

After receipt of the the Anjan company sent a trial machine the DTS-18, specifically for taking the time listening experience with MP3 audio playback machine. After two days of short-term use, it is felt that the machine has the following characteristics:

A well-made machine box, I feel the exquis More →

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TECSUN PL-505 Radio Reviews

PL-505 USB-powered interface, very convenient. When I got this radio, directly to the Apple mobile phone charger sent by the bully on the connected, ha ha, clear and smooth sound drifted out immediately. Looked at the manual, understand that this is a radio with the ATS function, but also I have the More →

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Degen DE1127 Radio.Reviews

I am a digital and broadcast enthusiasts, saying the market of digital stuff basically tired, flat, mobile phones, computers, laptops, cameras, cmmb, mp3

mp4 or something, playing for 10 years, are tired of The radio is also the same.

I have a preference, like to play the small stuff, the smalle More →

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The Tecsun the R-9012 PK the Tecsun the R-911,Radio.Reviews

Shortwave PK:

Seeking truth from facts, R-9012 and R-911 are Tecsun two classic machine, the price is basically the same, but the former emphasis on short-wave capacity, the latter seems to be a little bit of emphasis on FM ability.

PK began. R-9012 to let the old man in 12120MHz the excellent p More →

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Jidian R101 early impression,Radio.Reviews

The day before yesterday, received the Customer Service SMS delivery information, at noon today to get a look forward to for a long time the R101 six 2400 mA rechargeable batteries fully charged yesterday. Out of the box, power, power transfer units, then a personal stereo side post.

The radios ha More →

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