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Tecsun R1210, R-333 / Redsun RP2100, RD1220 / Degen DE1121 comparison,Radio Reviews

Feelings are as follows: Tecsun R1210: sensitivity is less than the Redsun RP2100 with the Tecsun the R-333 volume off to a minimum, still has a slight rustle, almost with the Redsun RD1220, a little bit seem a little ring also [had previously been thought the Tecsun R1210 of the background noise is More →

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The Redsun full band double conversion digital radio RD1220 ,Radio Reviews

Has been purchased Redsun 2100, and did not buy Redsun interest in radio in other models;

Has been waiting to buy the the Redsun of 3100, no further purchase of of Redsun the other new models of interest in radio;

Has been too much, because the domestic radio manufacturers and models can not be More →

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Redsun RD1220 full-band digital radio to listen to the feelings ,Radio Reviews

Have just received a shipment sent to the RD1220, open the wooden box packaging, very excited, a large LCD display Redsun radios in front of the work of the RD1220 first class, very beautiful, very generous. The date of manufacture on the certificate as follows: September 26, 2006, serial number: More →

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REDSUN RD1220 initial use experience

From development to like listening to the radio like radio, along with the age, is accompanied by a variety of listening material to improve and upgrade the equipment to see, but the biggest change is the declining quality of broadcast, so I came to the far from a once favorite radio to focus on the More →

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Comparison with the DE1103 Degen RD1220

Today’s music received the letter sent by courier RD1220, very happy, especially for products of high quality music channel packaging, to ensure the hand RD1220 intact. First, take pictures and opened the package, RD1220 show in front of its appearance gives a stable feel, chassis work is better tha More →

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