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ICOM hand-held broadband latest full-Mode Receiver: IC-R20

Occasionally, the company earlier this year to see out of a ICOM IC-R20 (hereinafter referred to as R20), studied some, but it was 30 months ago I expected to be 18 months out of the machine, I did not expect more than a year later before the , soon to be included in my purchase list.

Happy coinci More →

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German BLUE POINT quad-band radio card six lights

BLAUPUNKT Germany is one of the German brand, founded in 1928. However, due to more emphasis on domestic sales, exports few products, the less well-known Kent Road, Telefunken, Siemens and other German brands. German is the English BLAUPUNKT BLUE POINT (blue points) means the Hong Kong translation More →

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King Kong giant PAN CRUSADER-X twelve-band radio

This machine is the machine I have recently incorporated into one, came from the United States overseas, even the full cost of air freight, packaging, insurance, etc. It took about $ 2,000. Fortunately, the seller packed well, with this machine several times larger than the large box, inside the o More →

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Talk sangean (Sangean) 606

Sangean is the China Taiwan, a well-known radio brands, I would like to receive the music-loving friends have heard so much about brands I will not say. In my opinion, the mountain into the machine there are many bright spots, after the actual use, the characteristics of the machine is willing to ch More →

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Calendar photo frame with radio and solar radio experience

Photo Frame Radio and Desheng PL550 about the same size, antenna has five 300mm or so


The left side of the tip of the red oval face 13 holes (export not, ah, foreigners trouble 13), above 10, the following three. Headphone jack is back

The right side above the radio switch, a third gear, More →

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TECSUN BCL3000, redsun RP2100, Sangean ATS-818ACS, Anjan DTS-10

Made about the radio head big four portable machines, which are hand-tune TECSUN BCL3000 digital machine, the other three are the traditional number of transfer machines, which also have a legacy of the mountain into the tape player, they are common features of is larger than the average radio multi More →

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Kairon mechanical tuning DSP Radio Comment

1, Fengyun DSP chip performance is pretty good, sensitivity, selectivity and so good, the overall performance of AM and FM other DSP chips almost.
2, the chip integrates the low-level, drive headphones and the little speakers are pretty good.
3, Kairon open a mold like turbid water as readily open to More →

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Record use of a VAL R304

I have come across only two VAL radio product, a is the R301, then there is the new out of the R304. R301 is currently at home with, and R304 will become the standard equipment of the office.

R301 as a follow-up products, I feel basically the same from the appearance, sound basically the same style, More →

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VAL of the first semi-open cabinet radio-R304

First semi-open box (with German-style “fluffy sound”) radio VAL-R304

Since love radio, it was attracted by the voice of the radio. Initially thought that radio is doing radio, “radio + amplifier + speaker.” When their time in accordance with this idea started, choose the best radio program, with More →

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VAL R304 Radio

Inadvertently had the honor to be a VAL radio event in East China’s No. 1 machine was received at noon yesterday, I can not clear whether the manufacturer had a certain time each machine to boot the aging process, so there is no hurry to listen, from the machine received until after noon today for a More →

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