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This year several of the new machine into the Comment (Tecsun CR1100DSP, Redsun RP2100, Anjan DTS06)

Tecsun CR1100 DSP: Matador brother in exchange for the same. Very practical bedside machine.


1, the sound quality is really good. When the MP3 loud speakers the results were OK, certainly better than a dedicated far as the active speaker. For the grass to the river with a family p More →

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Use a little radio experience Redsun 2100

Music received the letter yesterday afternoon Electric Company sent RP-2100 radio. Machine number: 30220060500510; body code: 8712162. Random with a test machine at room temperature electrical properties of the data record are as follows:
Standard signal source: LEADER Model: 3216 Body Code: 8712162
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Acquaintance Redsun RP2100

The number of first-time transfer machine-made, they’re all running around in circles, first tried the button feel, sloppy band switch, light flywheel tuning drift, but the other buttons are more dead, have to a hand machine, hand press button, is to both hands while operating the job except next t More →

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