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kchibo DSP machine: D92L, Radio Reviews

Feel feel really good, just a slap in his hand, heavy, FM nice, little interference is not, the sound quality Ye Hao, that the network is very strong speaker, and not easy to depression, they do not often change with lithium batteries. Brought on by. The appearance of floating light, brought immedia More →

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Tecsun PL600 experience with the machine ,Radio Reviews

Home from work, open the machine, simply listening to it. Here to talk about the use of simple feelings.

Appearance, the same with the PL500, black, classic and elegant, aluminum feel good. According to certification, the machine’s production date for the June 16, 2008. Tuning knobs and buttons f More →

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I Tecsun R9700DX radio Radio Reviews

Tecsun R9700DX radio company is preparing to introduce a five-year radio enthusiast. The machine performance is the introduction of its opinions, mixed, because I need a radio, think twice selected Tecsun R9700DX, before buying the company from the German health-related websites and download the rel More →

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Kchibo DSP detailed dismantling the whole band radio D92L Radio Reviews

I had not contact with the radio, and occasionally on the Q group to see the day, that is limit sale D92L Radio 50, was only two or three of. Took a moment on the mind of a fever down, who knows separated soon after added to stage 50, fooled ah.

Photographed after the machine I do not know what is More →

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New machine purchased GE SuperRadioIII —- comment Radio Reviews

Just have a hand switch 110V to 220V adapter socket, GE3 put windowsill, plug the power cord comes, press the POWER, silent, and as speaker out of the general, the level has caused, Pompon not be extinguished, sounds nice! Pull out the two FM antenna, receiver already clear, the sound is very pure More →

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Kchibo D39L VS D92L Radio Reviews

Reception conditions: using their native antenna orientation adjusted to the optimum.
Antenna length: D39L-415mm
Indoor environment: the top of a fluorescent lamp. 1.5 meters away from the computer.
Score Description: 5 points – cle More →

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Neglected a strong voice! Than S83, Relatively S53 Sony pocket radio SRF-39

This radio has a big cigarette case, the two-band FM (stereo) / AM, using a 5 cell, extremely energy-efficient.
Audio performance remarkable, FM stereo effect is very obvious, very little background noise, high resolution, Naiting warm and thick sound, the style is very old machine, analog flavor. AM More →

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I Tecsun 1994 views ,radio Reviews


Packaging: I have to buy walnut color, the result to me is the color of maple, walnut color may be out of stock, a little disappointed. However, the packaging has also set up a box, very tight, also hit the side of the box “electronic products, handle with care” a few lines, visible Tecsun More →

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Kchibo DSP-D92L and Degen DE1103, Degen DE1102 listen to the contrast ,Radio Reviews

Also the whole appearance of the line, very thin, light weight, black sense of a dignified appearance, easy to carry. DSP technology, high integration, fewer components, the use of lithium batteries, is characterized by light weight, and some of the people of the heavy machine sense of a lo More →

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Tecsun R308 might sound experience radio Reviews

With experience

1 antenna to go straight, not full rotation;
2 Position the pointer over the local allowed (FM 95-105MHz), as a reference to CR100
More →

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