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Sangean ATS-909X Radio Reviews

The attachment is not a lot, but are more practical, leather (turns from black to light gray), manual, warranty card, an external power supply (from the old version of the black into white) around the dish antenna (turns from black to lightgray), antenna adapter clip, headphones, special white headp More →

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On the Sangean 909X and Tecsun PL-660,Radio Review

First, the initial impression of the PL660:

The appearance of (i), PL660

1, the sound quality more than 7600GR many loud and clear and a lot;

2,Workmanship is not ambiguous, the mold can be described as fine seams neatly and evenly, without any burrs or protrusions;

3, key than 7600GR soft, More →

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Sangean ATS909X Radio Review


Cell cartridge design is very elegant, both battery options, and medium wave stepper choose this design is very interesting. Piece of sheet iron is Zuosa do not know.

Just received when install batteries, found the ga ga of voice of, not a surprised, is what is the internal off, and More →

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Tecsun PL-550, Degen DE1103, Sangean ATS-909X ,Radio Reviews


1103 beautiful beautiful appearance, especially in the black section that looks very good texture, surface shell of metal aluminum material.

Of course, size is small, this little machine for those who love the gospel, but do not meet my preferences. By comparison, 550 volu More →

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Portable machine (Tecsun PL600. Degen DE1103. Grundig YB-400PE. Sangean ATS-909X) listening experience ,Radio Reviews

First year of production for the machine to make a note, because there are users that the machine down with a long performance! DE1103 and ATS909 first purchase, remember the end of 2004 or into early 2005, and we see the picture would say DE1103 is a new version ah! My daughter is one year old for More →

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