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Grundig ETON G3 Global Traveler RDS / RBDS / FMSTEREO / AIR / LW / MW / SW SYNC synchronous detection detailed evaluation of a full-featured radio Reviews


G3 G5 represents the emergence of retired, because the shape is the same, but deep down they are essentially different, in general, G5 really worship. Meanwhile, G3 also ETON title of “world traveler” in the title, G5 does not seem to like the nickname, and G6 were given a “pilot” of this fa More →

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SANGEAN ATS-909X starting experience Reviews

First impressions very good, looks very beautiful, feel good, be Sangean shortwave machine looks a big step forward for it, so something in the living room is also very beautiful.

The second eye to see ANT-60 short-wave external antenna box into gray, and my previous two ATS-606 is supplied in More →

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sangean U1 with experience Reviews

The first appearance is good, then try the power and sensitivity to sound, this machine is the European version of the power supply 230V, with no change in the Chinese transformer, plug in the power, connect the antenna, tuning pointer appropriated 90.0 music radio, turn on the switch, came a clear More →

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Talk about SANGEAN ATS-909X FM sensitivity Reviews

Morning before getting ready for work, with the S700 for a while listening to radio, 91.4MHz, do not know where the units are put songs, feel good, no noise or string units. Pick up a 909, pull out the antenna all heard about, 91.4 can only hear the songs blur, and there are sets of strings and sizz More →

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Sangean ATS-818 machine evaluation assessment in 1993, the old machine Reviews

Review: 1993
Power: 6V DC, AC power adapter and 3 AA batteries
Dimensions: 17.8 x 28.5 x 6.4 cm
Weight: 1800 grams without the battery (with battery 2000 g)
Price: ATS-818 US $ 140, CAN $ 250, £ 160, A $ 350,? 300.
ATS-818ACS US $ 200, CAN $ 280.
DX-390 US $ 220, CAN $ 300.
DX-392 US $ 260, CAN $ 350.
Fre More →

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SANGEAN ATS-909X listing Reviews

ATS-909X professional full-band digital radio FM stereo / AM / LW / SW

ATS-909 machine generation of God for 15 years until selling the world still continue to cut contact, one of the three will meet 909 SONY ICF-7600GR god might ride like a cloud. Now, the long-awaited moment had arrived! 15 year More →

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Taiwan netizens SANGEAN ATS-909X machine evaluation Reviews

More →

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Talk sangean (Sangean) 606

Sangean is the China Taiwan, a well-known radio brands, I would like to receive the music-loving friends have heard so much about brands I will not say. In my opinion, the mountain into the machine there are many bright spots, after the actual use, the characteristics of the machine is willing to ch More →

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Preliminary use Sangean 909X

1 package
Good. Under the martial arts.
2 receiver
Premise: only a 1-meter-long flower clip on the rod.
① FM radio stations in Kunming all received. Good.
② AM
Coverage: the signal received AM540 and AM1575, OK; Optional: a good 846 and 855,1242 and 1251 separately, and the 990 and 1008 of signal, OK; sen More →

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Sangean ATS-909X

Hot 15-year-old Taiwanese Sangean ATS-909 Advanced short-wave radio was finally ushered in the revision, goes on sale today (a bit over the continent and it has only sold dozens only), got the machine two days, take some pictures and we take a look and the old version any different.

Near-square of p More →

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