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Compare Degen DE1103 and SONY ICF-SW40 ,Radio Reviews


Degen’s DEDE1103 hand nearly two months, always want to have more than 5 years with the use of the SONY ICF-ICF-SW40 over it. SONY ICF-SW40 is the company’s products a decade ago, with the market near DE1103 than just a little “Guangong zhan qin qong ”feeling, but both are analog pointer p More →

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Heguang Sony SW40 evaluation ,Radio Reviews

Published: 1995
Power: 4.5 v DC (3 AA batteries), AC adapter optional
Size: 170 by 105 by 35 mm
Weight: 415 g
Price: US $ 130, CAN $ 190, £ 90, A $ 300, Dutch Guilders 199
Frequency: MW, FM, SW (3.61 -26.1 MHz)
Rating: ****

ICF-SW40 is a portable model, look like a “paperback”, than its direct competi More →

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Tecsun PL600 comparing the results with Sony ICF-SW40 Radio ,Radio Reviews

Today to a friend’s house, with my Tecsun PL600 and friends Sony ICF-SW40 (2000, purchased, Taiwan production) compared to radio

The results are as follows:

     MW: two planes almost less sensitivity, but the PL600 noise floor is small, weak units clarity better than S More →

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