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SONY ICF-SW7600G Radio Reviews

This 7600G is the Sony Corporation in Japan, a factory, assembly quality is very good, this radio is a bit similar to the old model sw7600, the panel is very deep carbon black, the buttons are black. Keyboard design is very good, the radio button layout is well considered, well suited for a human fi More →

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Listen to the voice of Sony and Grundig ,Radio Reviews

Fifty years, the world all changed.

Fifty years ago, the weight of the computer or by ton, five years after a less than 2 kg of “notebook” a; Fifty years ago, China undone, five years after China’s economic strength of the jump highest in the world; Fifty years ago, who do not know what is in Shen More →

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Degen DE1101 and SONY 7600GR, Tecsun 9700DX Comparison Radio Reviews


First, the packaging and appearance of the machine.
Packaging machine is better, Bing Chengde Jin’s style, more compact package, look pleasing, but the reason to run around as long, the appearance of the box is not very smooth. EMS in the box without filling the upper part is one of D More →

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Degen DE1102 PK Sony ICF-SW7600GR ,Radio Reviews

Ever since the DE1102 will understand the users of its comments, users who mixed it, and some say it’s worthless to 7600gr touted how good some may say that good or that it does not 7600gr do not understand, of course, 7600gr has its attractions, such as ATT control button, SYNC synchronous detectio More →

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For SONY ICF-SW7600GR satisfied with the synchronous detection function ,Radio,Reviews

May 30, purchased 7600GR one. After several days of use, point to talk about their own feelings.
      I am not a radio enthusiasts, not professionals, just love. Junior high school from a single control unit has been fitted to the seven super-heterodyne, perhaps a complex More →

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