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Sanyo ultra-small digital 3-band radio with speaker Reviews

Has been like small machines, including small radios, umpc, ppc, palm and other small things, small to large to buy a lot, in the Amazon a few days ago to see a small machine Sanyo, model is rp-d201, I take a ruler according to the amount of its size, the feel is very small, and the r101 and German More →

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SONY ICF-SW7600GR two weeks using the experience Reviews

Delay in the middle of hovering in my 909 and GR for the following reasons:
1 refer to everyone on the 909 and GR have said the lack of work, including housing, GR speaker does not Naiting, GR does not shuttle, 909 strong, but not the sync function, GR FM selectivity and so on.
2 In view of these defi More →

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SONY SRF-M78 simple evaluation Reviews

SONY SRF-M78 is a FM / AM two band Sports walkman, that is suitable for slow-moving morning to listen to the radio when the radio. M78’s small size, only 105.5 x 68.2 x 24.8mm, weight 85g, but there is an approximately 135 ° bend, just do not fit on the belt, which shows the SONY in the design de More →

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Read "all kinds of receiving the product PASSPORT 2005 star ratings."

2005 PASSPORT 2004 in sales of various types of products to receive a star rating. I do not have this book, the book which is said to occupy a lot of radio advertising space, the main content is published in the latest radio frequency, features and interviews articles. Of receiving the product star More →

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SONY ICF-5500 vs. domestic hongdeng Radio

[SONY ICF-5500 route map]

[GJ Panda B-802-1]

I do sound more vigorous domestic, only the red hongdeng 754 on the radio, so, decided to use red 754 and SONY ICF-5500W test of Polish, SONY ICF-5500W and the SONY ICF-5500 is slightly different, SONY ICF-5500W no short-wave, so the red hongdeng 754 More →

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Kairon DSP mechanical adjustment of new aircraft compared with the evaluation of the Sony SW20

Before writing machine in the official assessment, let me first express an apology, two thanks. An apology means: the end of June on the new machine received Kairon DSP, unfortunately, was busy fitting a new home, then, move, distant relatives and … … such and such hospitality, local assessment More →

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Sangean ATS909X – Taiwan bourgeois luxury, one has do not want nothing but

Ah ha, finally before the end of the world market. Finally, finally.

Using a cardboard carton, the fine print.

Tear off the packet, to prevent the new charge may be used. But such a luxury, it is estimated not only into a

Battery box design is very elegant, both battery options, there are More →

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[Photos] early 1970s boutique products Sony ICF-5800 Radio

– Early 70’s product quality radio Sony ICF-5800
5800 saw the first time, in March of this year’s amateur radio club on Shanghai, Pudong, Mr. Chang Tan Friends brought their beloved this artifact, at first glance, bland, because various BCL models often seen in various forums, the hands have a Tecsun More →

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I love radio

Feel the difference between the Sony machine


55 and 77

More →

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