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Anjan 1239 — TECSUN 9702

1239 World’s first ultra-compact stereo 10-band shortwave dual conversion digital machine
Shenzhen – Kashi March 13 – 17 cost 35 yuan
Listen Time 20 – 1
Location 5th floor living room [in order to avoid interference, candle lighting]
Compare models 1239 — 9702
1 AM
1239 [518-1641 kHz] 9702 [526-1652]
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TECSUN BCL-3000 evaluation

In January 2003, Germany launched a domestically produced raw concept of the first BCL radios BCL-2000, two years after the launch of the BCL-2000’s improved product BCL-3000.
BCL that “amateur radio” means, BCL radio is designed specifically for amateur radio products, these products are characteriz More →

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TECSUN Radio New Products







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TECSUN radio circuit

1.TECSUN R-202T-type two-band radio circuit

2. “TECSUN” double-conversion radio R9701 circuit analysis
Receiver is double-conversion technology of wood previously mainly used for military communications, and then gradually for civilian communication equipment such as walkie-talkies, mobile phones, More →

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Mini Radio TECSUN R-829B

R-829B has built-in speakers, this does not belong to micro-radio, but its shape is very tiny, but also narrower than the cigarette, so here together to talk about. Product Size: 110 * W 55 * high thick 18 (mm), very convenient to carry the same, blue and white.
R-829B uses a pointer mechanical tun More →

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Digital tuning and analog tuning is different tuning methods; digital and analog demodulation demodulation demodulation method is different tuner and demodulator 2;—- who are different techniques for different purposes!

(A) digital tuner and analog tuner concept

——- Digital tuning compared to conventional analog tuner tuner technology used in the definition:

A phase-locked digital tuning PLL-frequency technology to search and lock, the advantage of accurate and will not drift frequency band, traditional tun More →

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