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Tecsun PL-505 Radio,Radio Review

Since 2009, Tecsun launched a series of DSP radio every three or four months out of anew machine, the speed, unprecedented and confusing. So far, 78 species, but starting this year.In addition to the PL-100 and other small machines, there is no listing of new aircraft. news now, PL505 born.

PL-PL- More →

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The Tecsun the R-9012 PK the Tecsun the R-911,Radio.Reviews

Shortwave PK:

Seeking truth from facts, R-9012 and R-911 are Tecsun two classic machine, the price is basically the same, but the former emphasis on short-wave capacity, the latter seems to be a little bit of emphasis on FM ability.

PK began. R-9012 to let the old man in 12120MHz the excellent p More →

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Pure FM radio Tecsun PL-100 machine ratings,Radio Reviews

Radio for many years listening to friends, Tecsun brand has never left my life, no matter the journey adrift in a foreign land, or work outside the home sickness; whether it is in the comfort of their own nest, or friends around a warm elegant room. large and small radio we grew up, passing vast amo More →

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2012 New Year\’s gift the Tecsun A3, early experience,Radio.Reviews

Unwrap, come up with the machine, tasting the work, small form factor, the lovely; I received this is red, the first impression was very festive feel adds a festive atmosphere!

Without reading the manual, and is directly mounted on the supplied lithium battery, cover the battery compartment cove More →

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Anjan PK Competition Testing articles,Radio.Reviews

I am pleased to once again nominated Anjan PK tournament, but also very grateful to organize such activities. Anjan organize such activities will not only allow as many radio enthusiasts learned the latest and most detailed product information, inadvertently, but also cultivate their own sentiments, More →

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Tecsun PL-550 radio to use Notes,Radio Review

This Tecsun the PL-550 radio origins of first explain clearly: machine in exchange for more than Christine teacher DE1103. The DE1103 Degen was prize quiz to earn points earned and spent 150 yuan. Earn points is to rely on the copying the Alibaba heroes of the answer copied. DE1103 change pLPL-550 D More →

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Kchibo DSP D91L and other machine evaluation of contrast,Radio Reviews

Broadcasting figures of the footsteps is gradually came to the DAB, DRM, HDRADIO, network, satellite broadcasting and other digital technology the future of broadcasting development of a trend, the development of digital is driven broadcasting but also a spring broadcast with other media incomparabl More →

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The Tecsun CR1000, and dsp version CR1100\’s FM performance comparison ,Radio Reviews

Sensitivity: between the two close, but the reception of weak signals, the the CR1000 than CR1100DSP intelligibility and signal reception strength is better
Adjacent channel selectivity: CR1100DSP much better
Anti-mirror: CR1100DSP much better
Strong signal distortion: both heard no distortion
Weak si More →

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The Tecsun the CR-1100DSP FM AM digital processing stereo radio using the initial feelings of ,Radio Reviews

Fuzhou the Tecsun Trade Co., Ltd. by the back yesterday from a trial production of the CR-1100DSP radio home listen one night, and now personal preliminary experience reported to Tell me what you and the friends of this product.

First, the basic functions
1, FM, AM reception.
DSP digital processin More →

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The Tecsun R304 Radio felt ,Radio Reviews

A few years ago, playing the 339 military aircraft, the aircraft had more than 10 meters of cable-stayed antenna, as well as the the R71E professional receivers, radio also bought a few. Later found no fun, toss for a long time, but do not know want to do, you really need to go to so much trouble Ro More →

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