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kestrel W618 key features and shortcomings Reviews

1, transparent sound beautiful, rich layering, range more widely.
2, anti-interference performance well.
3, MP3 player reaction speed very fast.
4, the machine a little heavy, weighty in your hand, not floating, the thickness of plastic material used well. This has my personal subjective her More →

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Briefly kestrel w618 ​​use of experience Reviews

A few hours from now received, and home to several machine machine a bit more, talk about simple feelings:

Let me talk about the advantages:

1, receiving a very good performance overall, and roughly equal pl300

2, sound really good, especially listening to music and mp3, I BASS appropriated on posit More →

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DE1106 use experience Reviews

Got the 1106, the overall feeling good, I like her voice (although many people have complained, but all have love), it is clear, transparent, although the lack of bass, but the music sweet. And the voice compared to 2100, seems close to its bass, treble, when quite a hit about 80%.

Music on hand let More →

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