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Since buying Anjan DTS-09 radio is no more want to buy a new listing of radio, although from time to time browsing Desheng, Degen, and new security keys, see or decrease and increase the number of operating functions, to change appearance varies, really impressed by voice and then the desire not to spend money on radio by. The reason is security key DTS-09’s easy operation and complete function has been to meet my love.

To be honest these machine-made brands, my favorite is the appearance of German students, to please the sound and stable quality; prefer the alternative Degen (DE1103) and material reality; value most is security keys simple and practical.

Anjan early models I listen a few of the reception and sound quality a little goodwill, but did not buy, is to see the appearance of a little cottage, not personality. Wait until 09 before we start, listen to every day now.

DTS-10 market, I saw the introduction of better I guess, in addition to voice (speaker large), the performance beyond the DIS-09 is unlikely, there is no re-buy. DTS-13 market, I continue to look at the evaluation, not seen much comment, but look online to see, does not like the traditional round speaker hole and the smaller the power switch did not cause me much interest. But lucky enough to see a friend just bought one of the real machine, and agreed to let me listen can open to see inside the structure, I would be very serious, very detailed study of the audition and this machine, trying to test listen to the results and experience to write and share.

This machine the number is A00131007000519 production date is 2010.07.29.
Just got my first impression is light, too light! Light makes me feel nothing inside, this is the DSP of the radio characteristics of it, much less traditional radio components, a lot of weight. I installed the battery, do not know how to read the instructions on the operation, I was learning English, see English on the keys I know the function of each button.

Second, I noticed this radio design and workmanship, let me see the website for pictures to eliminate the impression of a bad feeling. Unique design of this machine, left and right side of the circular edge of the design in his hand so that you have a very good comfort, appearance in his hand looks great but does not feel great, so comfortable is the same hand. Another case detailed, rigorous process, has no DTS-09 kind of rubber damping oil pollution and easy to sense. Particularly noteworthy is this machine is not the text on each key mimeographed up, but engraved on the (perhaps because of the need to use the backlight bar), the grade on the safety key is, will not be used for a long time Diaoqi not know which button is functional. Chassis frame and battery cover is very tight, thin body, although I installed rechargeable battery handling easier, with no damping, and no cottage kind of rough, thin feeling. Although the details of the appearance of the traditional but thoughtful, this machine is the key that Ming has invested some effort, especially designed for arc side of this traditional style has brought Reiki.

See real change in my appearance on the DTS-13 bad impression, let me introduce DTS-13’s sound quality and a selling point.

DTS-09 before I comment when said so, technological development today, the radio reception is no longer a problem, even if the cottage has a very good radio reception, and have a good sound, stable quality and number of function is the measure of radio grade level standards. However, each manufacturer in a small speaker on the sound in order to improve a grade or beyond their own high-end models is a difficult, let alone had over other manufacturers. DTS-13 is the first security key DSP digital processing receiver, from the current technologies, the reception will not exceed the traditional machines, not much less than traditional machines, this audition I get DTS-09 compared , are on the ATS (automatic receive memory function), in the same location to receive, receive and store the results are similar, during playback, the two antenna interference situation is a little different, DTS-13 higher sensitivity (human the interference of the antenna), the basic stability of the radio, like on the stronger units have very good reception. Poor indoor reception conditions in place, the effect of almost two machine, the only difference is, DTS-09 operations better (two models is not a grade). Not the same style of sound, each have their own characteristics. Therefore, in order to save space, the DTS-13 I do not write radio in the evaluation, because the current technical conditions, the radio reception is good are the basic requirements, imagine, there is no good reception, but also about what other function ah! So we will not doubt DTS-13 receiver effects. Some Shaoyou love the remote, almost hear the radio used to prove the ability to receive a machine, I do not agree with this approach, because a very sensitive radio receiver, must have its drawbacks, like headphones, as the world’s The best impedance headphones are generally the largest, the headphones are not high sensitivity, the sensitivity is too high it will affect the sound quality. Is listening to the radio, nice sound quality must be launched from the best radio station, weak, struggling to sound all the radio stations even if you can receive, you will listen to it? So the DTS-13 I no longer evaluation of its radio reception. Please everyone understand, if you have friends to ask to buy a better reception, I can tell you that DTS-09 buy it, because, before the same price to all the manufacturers out of DTS-09 reception and function of small . Let alone DTS13 the.

So DTS-13 radio in the end what grade machine it? In line with its price it?
I hear from the week feeling, I think that DTS-13 is a “simple – and practical – value for money,” the radio.

First, the so-called simple: simple, simple interface, uses simple

1, simple operation,
I come into contact with the 300 or the radio, DTS-13 operation is the simplest, and so simple that I could not believe it is section 300 to the machine. However, the thin recall, serious use, you will find that it is this super-simple, this machine can adapt to different consumers, businesses can be described as the intentions, the students do not have to say, there is good knowledge and understanding of operations is not a problem . If you use a lot of women and the elderly, functional use of complex button will give trouble, be honest DTS-09, Degen DE1103 and now some features (such as manual storage and editing) I have to read the instructions to operate. I would not leave instructions to use these features. The DTS-13 a simple button, the instructions are so simple you feel worry and effort, if given at home parents, elderly relatives and friends to buy one, definitely welcome. Therefore, there must be a complex simple idea behind the simple is not necessarily simple and quality time.

2, the interface is simple:
Interface is simple and here I do not praise, because the interface some simple, some can not be too simple, because the interface is the only man-machine dialogue window, too simple, users will be confused. Software inside the machine will find the technical content of the water. Hope Anjan technical staff should also be changed in the follow-up product to add some programs, which I will write another

3, uses simple
This is my most valued uses a simple place. I also took some effort to tell you this place.
This is used to listen to the radio is the single most important place. Listen to what, how long is each to buy the radio listening to a friend the most important choice. The design radios are now considering this issue, so many different types of models introduced. But now, short-wave single-sideband (SSB) ah, communication signals, ah, ah and other aviation-band signal has become a standard of high-end machine, but think of it, the lingua franca of so many functions are there? Many fear is idle, has spent a considerable price probably do not have access once in a lifetime, I can say that long-wave I have not received one, did not receive a single-sideband, let alone personal communication signal and listen to the radio air signals. So I bought these features, but also lovers of the times, want to have a display model technology development of the times. In fact, spent a lot of money, bought all amateur feature. So, all I have to buy a lot of high-end machine functions are idle, a few years behind the technology, wants to buy a new out of old.

Therefore, the used DTS-13 after this week, I became a guest of the DTS-09, like a referee, can only be used to compare and DTS-13, more time is playing a DTS-13’s MP3 . 09, though good, can not play their favorite songs. Listen to FM radio station to play music, you have the time to listen to when, or pharmaceutical advertising, or that they do not like the song or the receipt of the poor quality of the radio broadcast. Therefore, DTS-13 simple design, simple functionality, to meet my simple requirements, but also changed my future goal of buying radio choice.
Second, the so-called practical

Radio’s primary purpose is to listen, listen we must pay attention to sound quality and reception. Radio receiver the past few years has reached a very high level, but the radio by television, the impact of computers, radio has felt no content can be played, so we need to listen to a lot of time to hear all medical treatment ads. Therefore, the conditions have received, there is no interest in listening. Therefore, DTS-13 launch of space and to make up for this deficiency. Radio will be able to improve the usefulness and popularity again.
So DTS-13 receiver and Mp3 playback is not treated from the price, this is my greatest concern and the most concern.

I always thought the best radio voice of the high-end machine is a German born, and other manufacturers of machine or voice a bit thin, or the sound a bit cold (I get the name) you want to buy their favorite sounds really difficult, I may sound too much reason to listen, ears a bit to pick up.

The DTS-13 speakers that shape, starting to sound good no more expect the battery to open debug listen, the sound of the DTS-13 with a good impression, each FM sound contrast, I find that DTS- 13 different sound and DTS-09, DTS-09 with news and music sound regulation, sound biased, according to their own favorite choice. DTS-13 do not have this choice, but the sound is neutral, pleasant tone, at least no major news speaker sound file in the kind of cold. DTS-13 high-bass more balanced, neutral tone, treble bass there is no amount of burr lingers, whether it is the human voice, music sound more real and natural. This is just to listen to FM and AM sound sense, did not let me down, do not give me too much of a surprise, I think that voice should be so, in order to be worthy of this level.

Open the Mp3 button icons, speakers emit sound immediately changed my impression of the DTS-13, volume on the order of about 20 so you could not believe that the speaker is just the sound, beautiful voice, pure tone. I quickly plug in the headphones to listen to delivery, really, to my greater surprise, this is what radio ah, not that sound like a CD player thing. Channel separation, acoustic performance surprised me, although just a Mp3 player, FM stereo radio than the sound quality much better.

Why is there such a surprise because these songs are my own download lossless format into Mp3, and usually I are repeated inside the audio playback, voice clarity, channel separation and sound field performance are is very familiar. Like the original radio that can be several thousand dollars Mp3 player results, listening to DTS-13’s Mp3 playback I came to understand why the security key dare to operate such a simple DTS-13 radios sold for 300 yuan. Had the biggest selling point here

In order to confirm my hearing and determine that no mistakes, I specifically took the Sennheiser HD600 and Sennheiser IE7 headphones to listen to DTS-13 results, the volume no more than 20 bands always have the very good performance, background clean, plenty of volume, to know the Sennheiser HD600, but 300 ohms, not who wants to be able to push good ah push, and the DTS-13 is a 32 ohm headphone output nominal (actual measurement is about 34 ohms) . But the volume of more than 25 bands on the confusion. However, DTS-13 25-order volume is very vibration eardrum, and is afraid to listen to. Sennheiser IE7 style headphones are headphones, no sound pollution, clean and straightforward, 16-ohm Sennheiser IE7 is better to push the DTS-13’s headphone output can be a true reflection of these two headset style.

Come to talk about DTS-13 distribution of headsets, headphones, and I tested two different styles, but the sound quality is not bad, low high school more balanced. DTS-13 headphones are warm thick sound, like the kind most people, many well-known manufacturers are producing such a sound headphone headphones, IF powerful voice full, true and not distorted high-frequency, low volume, but there points, very pleasing most people’s taste. If you are qualified to buy 300 or headset can be compared, the main difference is that some of the details of the treble and bass sections of the feeling in the hands if you have 300 or more on their headphones to know the texture of the headset. To be honest I brought the first surprise is the performance of the headset, it gives me to further test the DTS-13’s Mp3 playback. I am in class right output of DTS-13 also put on the walker 1600TD audio playback, voice and music sound card in my computer to play as nicely. The only note that, DTS-13’s playback volume must be controlled at between 15 to 20 bands, 25 sound field beyond the confusion, between the players in this volume, sound volume can be amplified many have no problem. The sound is very pure.

Now every day I put DTS-13 on the desk, nothing to open the Mp3 function, continuous play your favorite songs, the real feel of this feature DTS-13 than the short-wave single-sideband (SSB) function, communication signal reception, air-band signal reception and more practical, and want to go out activities for a walk, outside the receiving conditions are good, you can turn on the radio to receive news and other, not their favorite, or in a place open to receive poor condition Mp3 player, really is very convenient.

Third, the so-called value
I am here to say that the value does not refer to the price, because the 300 yuan in the present era of electronic products the world over, not too low, but to actually use the feature to the enthusiasts to enjoy a great value, at least these function is not redundant and not wasted. Mp3 player for a single purchase, the price is not cheap sound good, but not on the table to listen to, even the organic functions as Mp3 player within the small speaker is small, that feeling did not leave the headphones on and enjoy. However, DTS-13 is not wearing headphones will give you the joy of beauty.

Machine is also equipped with premium headphones, the sound balance to bring you beautiful feeling to know that this machine is equipped with headsets and headphones I compare how much difference ah. Especially at low volumes is not very big mess. If any friends want to spend a huge price to buy high-end headphones, high-priced does not necessarily give you more surprises.

In short, the fish and bear’s paw can not have both, you want to be fully functional but also on behalf of high-end technology and playability, safety key DTS-09, German students PL660 and the DE1103 Degen is a good choice; to practical easy to use, key DTS-13 On a certain good choice, especially the security key DTS-13 hot-swappable SD card, insert pull out convenient, safe and reliable, insert card, turn on the switch, press the play button on the can be heard.

However, DTS-13’s “simple – and practical – value for money” and can not say perfect, it also has several undesirable places;

1, the interface is too simple, automatic search storage units, the radio address every time, it does not display the radio frequency, only the address disappears until only the frequency, which is very inconvenient, because the emergence of a new address every time you do not know what frequency bands can only wait until the show know, if you want to listen to the frequency you want, remember you have to start like the frequency at that address.

2, we also reflect the most, Mp3 player, the only 5D-P, not shown Mp3, but do not display a list of programs broadcast, only by the song broadcast later that has entered Mp3 mode. After turning up and down to rely on your memory key to select the first few songs, played in the conversion if the other mode, and then will return to play the first song. No breakpoint memory, which is the need to improve.
Here I’d like to ask key designers, DTS-3’s position? If technology is to show the advantages of radio, you do not go beyond the DTS-09; If you want to highlight the DTS-13 diversity, practicality, functionality added to Mp3, Mp3 to do but you did not complete, even the least the track list did not show at the interface, not to mention the artist, genre and composer. This reduces the DTS-13 grade. In fact, adding these shows does not require much investment, only one of many programs only, because the songs you play, pause, select, how will have a speed into the main piece of saved it?
Although DTS-13 radio receiver performance is good, sound quality is relatively good, Mp3 playback quality and very good, I hope to add in the follow-up products on the function of these seemingly insignificant, so that it shows the DTS-13 grade. Of course, if after a similar model is the most popular size is further reduced.

3, DTS-13 in the Mp3 player model, the scales open to 25 to 40 bands will be weak after the noise floor (note, DTS-13’s volume on the order of 20 has been great, 25-order the headset is very loud beyond, the noise floor, the music will not have any interference, however, DTS-13 line inputs into 40 even-order volume and no background noise).

4, DTS-13 panel power key too, think it should be greater than the number keys. Tuning up and down keys are too small, if the volume button on the bottom fill the position below will be more convenient.

5, think, DTS-13’s speaker if the design is square, although other similar, but more quality.

6, the panel text, or write Chinese, I think good for the domestic market, why in English, are a disgrace to write in China or not confident in their products? Good product written in Chinese according to the grade. You know, Japan, Germany’s exports to China of products are written in Chinese. Only certain products of China looks like a good girl, like some constantly changing face of cosmetic surgery, fear of others that are made in China.

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