Tecsun pl-450 FM LW MW shortwave Dual Conversion Radio

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PL-450 Digital Tuning FM / shortwave / medium wave / long wave dual conversion radios are Tecsun engineers concluded many years of experience in the design, elaborate.

The machine is practical multi-function, can receive FM stereo, AM, long wave and the international shortwave radio programs, high sensitivity, good selectivity.
A wide-band digital tuning portable radio quality, it can meet most of your listening needs of global broadcasters.

FM Receiving frequency range can be set to 87 ~ 108MHz, or 76 ~ 108MHz (receiving part of the campus radio), also has the best FM tuner sensitivity.

The machine is very user-friendly, easy to use, has a very useful multi-functional digital control knob can be used to set the time, adjust the frequency, the election  Selected memory page and address.

AM has a wide / narrow bandwidth selection, and the second frequency band using technology, greatly improved AM reception sensitivity and anti-mirror interference can
High / medium / low sensitivity control, can improve the strong signal and weak signal radio reception.

Six kinds of selection sets mode: manual search radio frequency, direct digital frequency input, manual search radio station or stored directly stored digital radio address.

Radio frequency automatic search preview, automatically search for the stored radio preview.

The use of ATS functions, can automatically search for a store FM / AM radio frequency.

The machine can store up to 600 radio frequencies. Of which 100 store locations, both for ATS use, but also store your most commonly used radio frequency.

The remaining 500 memory locations, divided into 10,20,25,50 pages can be flexible, according to the frequency stored in your personal favorite categories.
High-quality speakers, you can also use the high / bass control switch to change the sound, listen to different programs to meet the needs .

The machine adopts the 12/24 hour time display with alarm function, can pre-listen to the radio turned on, and pre-set it.

1 to 90 minutes automatic shutdown.

Intelligent auto-off function of sleep, you can personal sleep habits, set in the boot after 120 minute auto-off.
The machine can use Ni-MH rechargeable battery and intelligent charging function
Intelligent display illumination.

Comes with dedicated power supply, external antenna, NiMH rechargeable battery, stereo headphones, protective cover.
Physical Size: 141x 87x 28mm
Appearance Patent No.: 200430041934.7

1. Frequency range
Frequency Modulation (FM)
Standard frequency coverage :87.00-108 .00 MHz
United States, Canada :87.50-108 .00 MHz
Campus radio, Japan :76.00-108 .00 MHz

Medium Wave (MW)
Asia, Africa and Europe :522-1620kHz
United States, Canada :520-1710khz
Longwave (LW) 100-519khz
Shortwave (SW) 1711-29999khz

Meter band frequency range of UHF-band frequency range
120m 2250-2550 25m 11500-12150
90m 3150-3450 22m 13500-13900
75m 3850-4050 19m 15000-15900
60m 4700-5100 16m 17450-18000
49m 5800-6300 15m 18850-19100
41m 7100-7500 13m 21450-21950
31m 9400-10000 11m 25600-26100
Long wave, medium wave, short wave first intermediate frequency (1st IF): 55.845 mhz
Long wave, medium wave, shortwave second intermediate frequency (2nd IF): 455khz

2. Tuning step
Frequency Modulation (FM) 0.10Mhz/0.01Mhz
Wave (MW)
Asia, Africa and Europe: 9khz/1khz
United States and Canada: 10khz/1kHz
Longwave (LW) 9khz/1khz
Shortwave (SW) 5khz/1khz

3. Station memory number: 600

4. Noise limited sensitivity
Frequency Modulation (FM) (S / N = 30dB) better than 3uV
AM (MW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 1mV / m
Longwave (LW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 1.2mV / m
Shortwave (SW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 20uV

5. Single-signal selectivity AM
5k plus or minus sign is better than 28dB better than 45dB when 7k

6. Power
Battery 3 R6 (V) Battery
Power supply DC6V300mA

7.Inside the speaker 16 ohm 250mW

8. External 32 ohm headphones

9. Size of approximately 141x87x28mm

10. Weight 290g (without batteries)

Product Standard: Q / DS 1-2006



Buy it Now
1 pcs sample
73 USD
16 USD
Airmail 25days

10 pcs
56 USD
65 USD
DHL/UPS 7-10days

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