Tecsun pl-606 FM stereo AM long wave short wave Radio

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This machine adopts the si4734 American SILICON LABS Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip, the analog FM / AM radio signal digital conversion, the use of modern principles of its software radio processing and demodulation, which greatly improved the sensitivity to listen, selective, signal to noise ratio and interference.

It can receive FM stereo, AM, long wave, short wave (2.3 ~ 21.95MHz) radio
Compact portable, simple, practical features and more.

FM receiver covers 64-108MHz range, can receive Chinese, and Western-day FM radio frequency, but also listen to part of the national campus radio frequency.

It has a very useful multi-functional digital control knob can be used to set the time, adjust the frequency, select the address.

There are five kinds of selection sets mode: Desheng unique and convenient tuning mode (ETM), manually search for radio frequency (VF), manual searches stored radio (VM), you can automatically search and browse the stored radio frequency .

It can be manual, semi-automatic (ATS) to store up to 550 radio frequencies, including FM / MW / LW 100 each can be stored, short-wave frequency of 250 points can be saved.

Multifunction display: can display the radio frequency electric field strength, signal to noise ratio, temperature, battery capacity status, etc.

The use of high-quality high-sensitivity speakers, awesome, listen to FM stereo radio with headset.

A radio automatic power-on function.

The Humanized power switch function: You can set the boot 1 to 120 minutes after the automatic shutdown, automatic shutdown function also cancel.

With shortwave / FM external antenna connector.

Just use two R6 (V) battery, is power; the machine also have intelligent charging function (USB-powered jack), allowing you to use rechargeable battery.

External soft antenna, stereo headphones, protective cover, manual, certificate, service guarantee

Restrictions due to the volume of the machine, its own telescopic antenna shorter, we had a very elaborate special type of connection rod antenna. Use in mobile applications to extend the total length of the rod antenna to significantly increase their ability to receive FM and shortwave!

Frequency Range / Tuning step

Frequency Modulation (FM): 64 – 108 MHz; intelligent step 0.01MHz/0.1 MHz

Frequency coverage:
Standard: 87 – 108 MHz (except for Japan, Germany, Russia, other than national standards)
Germany: 87.5 – 108 MHz
Japan: 76 – 108 MHz
Russia: 64 – 108 MHz (including part of the campus radio and domestic 2 – 5 channel TV Sound)

Shortwave (SW) 2300 – 21950 kHz; smart step 1kHz / 5 kHz

AM (MW) 522 – 1620 kHz; smart step 1kHz / 9 kHz (for Asia, Africa and Europe)
520 – 1710 kHz; smart step 1kHz/10 kHz (for North America)

Longwave (LW) 153 – 513 kHz; smart step 1kHz / 9 kHz

Noise limited sensitivity:
Frequency Modulation (FM) (S / N = 30dB) better than 3 uV
Shortwave (SW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 20 uV
AM (MW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 1 mV / m
Longwave (LW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 10 mV / m

Frequency Modulation (FM)> 60 dB (± 200KHz)
Shortwave (SW)> 60 dB (BW = 3kHz, ± 5KHz)
AM (MW)> 60 dB (BW = 3kHz, ± 9KHz)
Longwave (LW)> 60 dB (BW = 3kHz, ± 9KHz)

FM stereo separation: better than 25 dB

Output power (10% distortion):
Speaker: ≥ 230 mW
Headset: ≥ 20 mW / 32Ω stereo headphones

Storage memory count: 550
Frequency Modulation (FM) 100
Shortwave (SW) 250
AM (MW) 100
Longwave (LW) 100

Awakened mode: radio alarm rang

Quiescent Current:
Frequency Modulation (FM) <25mA
Shortwave (SW) <27mA
AM (MW) <23mA
Longwave (LW) <23mA
Shutdown standby <40uA
Speaker Specifications: Diameter 57mm / Impedance 8Ω / power 0.25W speaker cone

Power supply:
Battery (optional parts): 2 R6 (V) batteries or rechargeable batteries
External power supply (optional parts): DC 5V ≥ 250mA (USB connector)

Weight: about 175g (without batteries)
Product Size: 127×82×28(mm)
Appearance patent number: 02361309.2

Connecting rod-type antenna, external soft antenna, stereo headphones, protective cover, manual, certificate, service guarantee
Available colors: black, silver, iron gray


Buy it Now
1 pcs sample
46 USD
15 USD
Airmail 25days

5 pcs
34 USD
69 USD
DHL/UPS 7-10days

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  1. William (Steve) Smith says:

    Good Day Erin!! My Tecsun PL-606 radio arrived today. Very nice unit no damage in shipping. Very happy with your service. Prompt shipping, delivered well before expected delivery date. Will be looking at other offerings. Maybe the PL-660? Have A Great Week End!! William (Steve) Smith

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