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Taobao received the PL-660 has been ordered days time, as travel has not been a good play, just have time this weekend, just like the machines on hand to do the comparison.

Time: at 13:00 on November 28, 2010 to 19 points
Location: West Side Road, Xi’an Science and Technology
Equipment: PL-660 Desheng Desheng R-9700DX Degen DE1102

First, the air band
660 as a major selling point, but also the majority of aviation-band radio enthusiasts are keen on a feature.
Time: 13:00 am
1, frequency: 127.450MHz
Signal strength 4 / 5 (660 for the whole signal indicating at least 5), seemingly content to play the computer automatically broadcast on the ground in climatic conditions, part of the quote: “Automatic broadcast tower.”
2, frequency: 118.772MHz
Aircraft like the intercom conversation, the two airports in the Northeast accent or crew in the conversation, talked about New Year’s flight and vacation plans.
3, frequency 125.095MHz
Like walkie-talkie calls for the airport, the details are not listening.
4, frequency 127.450MHz
Like walkie-talkie calls for the airport, part of the reference to “Air China 1428 Xi’an.”

Two, SSB
Time: 18:00 pm approximately
Frequency: 13185KHz
660 stable acceptance, seemingly Guangdong ham on a call, the sound clear, strong signal, but the language did not understand. At the same time stable hand DE1102 also be acceptable, but the noise floor 660 is smaller than in 1102.

Three, FM band
Because the FM radio station in Xi’an, Shaanxi, and basically launched in Xi’an, the signal strong storm, so to compare these stations will not just pick some distant radio station to compare.
1, FM100.2MHZ sky County Comprehensive Broadcast News
660 signal strength 4 / 5, clear voice, the noise floor slightly.
9700DX Local files, voice to listen to, the larger the noise floor; DX file, a strong adjacent channel interference, not to listen.
1102 Local and DX files file no signal, a strong adjacent channel interference.
2, FM101.5MHz Tongchuan Traffic Radio Music
660 signal strength 2 / 5, sounds to listen to, no adjacent channel interference.
9700DX and 1102 both Local and DX files there was no signal.
3, FM102.1MHz Gaoling Radio
660 signal strength 4 / 5, clear voice, a slight background noise, no interference.
9700DX voice to listen to, at the end of a large noise, adjacent channel interference.
1102 sounds audible, 101.8 serious signal interference.
4, FM105.3MHz Weiyang livelihood Health Radio
660 signal strength 5 / 5, clear voice, a slight interference with 105.5.
9700DX and 1102 sounds clear, but the adjacent channel interference is more serious.
In the FM sound quality, the headphones use a few strong units AKG420 listen music, I feel 660 is more thorough than the 9700DX voice more, some wider frequency response.
Also be clear in the evening to listen to FM81.2MHz English teaching radio, which looks like a college English teaching radio station has not heard the call.

Four, SW band
Time: 17:30 pm
First of all, the feeling of listening to shortwave, the Voice of China was too strong!
Tested only two non-interfering radio frequency 9400KHz good friend and 11878KHz RFI, 660 can be clear and stable reception of the local noise is very small. In listening to these two frequencies, feeling 660> 9700DX> 1102.
For the MW band, due to less daytime AM station, and are strong local station, it is not a careful evaluation. At night with a total of 660 of the ATS search function to the 56 AM radio stations, most serious radio interference, turn the sync detection function, can play a role. LW band, tried several times to hear what programs have been confiscated in the entire wavelength range with two small mirror, hear the content.

General speaking, PL-660 performance from a portable perspective has made me satisfied. Currently I only had black and silver two, because my 9700DX is silver, so 660 we chose a black, some look more dignified, but it is the same anguish and Iphone3GS become a fingerprint collector , always feels left hand perspiration, bad mood, as PL757A color. Operation of portable and other aspects of careful study, I did not go, do not read the instructions in the case, the functions have been used before, the Shuttle is the first time, feeling good, but SLOW and FAST in the conversion, control the bad. Radio accessories, the leather work is not very good, some soft, and put something there is no boxy shape, it is more casual style

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