The Tecsun the PL-660 and Grundig, G6, a complete contrast,Radio Review

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1, the following text describes the purely subjective intent, without any test data as the basis;

2, described models in the text refer to the I machinery in the hands of individuals, not all of the models;

G6 in terms of three, strictly speaking, this comparison is unfair, even though the G6 market price is higher than the PL-660, but after all, the positioning of the two;

4, the time of writing, the PL-660 to start with less than 20 days, G6, start with less than 24 hours, it is inevitable cognitive inadequacies Please also correct me prawn.

First, the appearance

1, measurements

G6: width 125mm × height 75mm × 30mm thick body can stay informed, just feel the thickness in terms of high and wide, some imbalance, then a thin one is about 5mm, more than 1126 thick point standard. Perhaps speakers factors? However, the flaw does not cover the jade, the whole still meet the standards of the body of the walking machine.

PL-660: width 187mm × height 114mm × thickness 33mm standard portable machines, bedside machine body. If defective, feet a little, quite a paunch, even if followed by a small wire, pull out the antenna even more top-heavy.

tecsun grundig 2 tecsun grundig

2, panel buttons

G6: 22 + Shuttle
PL-660: 27
Are no key backlight
3, the side buttons and jacks
G6: the left side from top to bottom: external antenna jack, headphone jack, external power jack, three; the right side is only one the MUSIC / NEWS pitch change-over switch, in which the MUSIC file bass.
PL-660: the left side from top to bottom: external antenna jack, sensitivity selector switch, the TREBLE / the BASS tone selector switch, headphone jack, external power jack, a total of five; the right side of the top-down: Jog button SSB beat frequency button, volume button three.

G6 panel:

tecsun grundig 2 tecsun grundig 3 tecsun grundig

Personal point of view: the size of both the body positioning to meet my position, have their own strengths, what they want; G6 fuselage button simplicity, the PL660’s rich interface, optional features than the G6,.

Second, the appearance of the work
Rubber oil use in the G6 body Degen flaw! Not to mention a long time would like PL550 sticky hands from the use of perspective, it is easy to leave marks is a very annoying problem!

1, key
With the the PL660 same level, according to them than the PL660 comfortable, 660 is too hard. G6 keys protruding height of the smaller, plus there is no button backlight, turn off the lights after the operation 660 as easy to determine the key position.

2, panel printing
G6 panel keypad to the right of printing than the PL660 is a bit fine, but also very significant level. BUZZ villains of the top left and bottom left of the GRUNDIG “LOGO is much too cottage. Incidentally, the G6, only the right side of the pitch selector switch is a bit slack, the cottage is very strong.

3, body seams
PL660 fine around the gap is not very uniform, especially at the top seam. However, the support plate away after locking is much more practical than the PL660.

4, the antenna
And PL660, G6 antenna all the way out, the roots a little loose. Open support plate diagonal, the antenna can not be completely straight, but closer to the “vertical” than PL660.

G6 at the top of the fuselage seams:

tecsun grundig

G6 at the bottom of the fuselage seams:

tecsun grundig

Both the support plate to open the post-antenna angle comparison:

tecsun grundig

The use of rubber oil is absolutely the biggest flaw in the G6 appearance! Panel printing is more easily deceived his wife: “not much money, just over two hundred

Third, the function

Clock: more than PL660 a week, multi-time zone option, and more a set of alarm clock. Other aspects such as timer switch, etc. is the same with the PL660

2, G6, there is no synchronization detector function, there is no broadband and narrowband select buttons, there is no sensitivity selector switch, there is no single-sideband beat knob. FM is a separate button, the other band shared an AM button to cycle through the PL660 convenience. However, the G6 can be cross-band direct input frequency than PL660 convenience.

3, the Shuttle. G6 with the PL660 are stepless adjustment. The G6 is tight, with a PL660 comfortable. The G6 Shuttle above the step to select third gear: FAST / SLOW / LOCK file, playing the LOCK file can be individually locked Shuttle to prevent Shuttle mistakenly touch treadmill. The PL660 is the automatic step, there is no LOCK file;

4, G6, mono / stereo switch.

G6 have weeks show:

tecsun grundig

Point of view of the old iron: G6 “internationalization” of the time function-rich than the PL660, Fraxel better than PL660 can be individually locked. But there is no synchronous detection function is also G6 body pain.

Fourth, the operation
G6 operation and set down to complete the shutdown state: set the step; start the sleep timer; choose the automatic search mode; to delete the copy of the storage page; adjust time zone; set the clock and day of the week; set the boot time from time to time; activation regular boot and so on.
Compared to 1103, the same electronic volume adjustment, G6, you can adjust the volume of design in the shutdown state is one of the highlights.

1, the election:
1) Manual Jog election in Taiwan. Same with 660. The difference is that 660 is the automatic step and the Shuttle can not be individually locked. The G6 is manually select the step;
2) Frequency direct input. G6 support the inter-band frequency direct input, do not need to select the band; PL660 must first select band input frequency, does not support cross-band frequency direct input;
3) automatically scans the search.

This is the need to highlight the part.

G6 automatically scan search has three modes, respectively, for the STOP, D-5 and ATS. The three modes can not exist only in the shutdown state to pre-select and set one of them (switch automatically scan search mode to be turned off). The following one by one:
STOP search scan modes: Automatic scan encountered the radio stops scanning. This mode is designed for FM, MW and SW bands, LW, AIR NA;
D-5 View Scan Mode: Auto scan encountered the radio pause to continue scanning after 5 seconds, until the confirmation. This mode is designed for FM, MW and SW bands, LW, AIR NA;
ATS automatic scan storage modes: automatic scan and automatically stores the strongest FM local radio stations, beginning on page 99, if you go to 98 full, and so on 97, 96 … This mode applies only to the FM, are not applicable to other wavelengths.
The PL660 automatically scan search There are two modes, namely: auto-surf radio (with G6 D-mode) and ATS modes. Among them, the auto-surf radio mode applies to the FM, MW, LW, SW, does not apply to the AIR; the ATS model applied in the FM, MW, with the SW band, LW, AIR NA. The two modes at the same time without switching.

Both automatically scan search comparison:
The PL660 no STOP mode

The PL660 automatic browse for station G6 D-5 mode applies to the band are identical. In actual use, the scanning speed of the PL660 is higher than the G6.
The G6 ATS only applies to the FM, does not apply to other bands. The PL660 can be in the FM, and MW, SW three-band within the ATS. SW,, sub A, B, two modes, mode A full band ATS mode B the ATS meter band. In actual use, the PL660’s ATS mode regardless of the scope of application or the scanning speed of more than G6,. Storage in the ATS, G6, only the FM band the ATS, the default storage page 99,98,97. PL660 the ATS results can be stored in any page, there is no default page, personally think that this is relative to the PL550 / PL600’s going backwards.
Compare both the ATS in the FM band.

Opened after all of the native antenna from the antenna at the top to the root of the length: G6, is about 52cm, the PL660 is approximately 89cm.
PL660’s sensitivity switch to the DX. In the same location in the room ATS PL660 for the 41 units, only individual mirror frequency interference noise, the other are audible frequency, but the results are mixed, about half can reach a listening. The G6 is saved 64 Taiwan, in addition to some 20 units can achieve an effect of other weak units similar to the PL660 effect of, the rest of the addition to the mirror is the interference noise.
The detailed FM comparison later.

2, the storage:

G6: 100 pages, regardless of band storage, can edit the label page, apply to the station name is stored frequency;
PL660: +800 sub-bands are stored in 100 × 12-page, regardless of band storage, suitable for storage frequency according to time period;
G6 storage page is very simple, but very practical. Editable marked the page name, according to the station name is stored frequency is particularly convenient to use.
PL660 store personal that there is still much room for improvement. Should be set ATS default memory page, to prevent accidental deletion of the existing frequency in the other pages. Second, in the number of pages and each page is stored should be able to manually adjust to accommodate their different choice, back to the level of the PL550.

3, call the saved frequency:

G6: Only a call mode and the operation is a bit cumbersome;

PL660: There are three ways call, simple operation.

4, delete:

G6 only the whole page, or delete all saved frequency can not be a single frequency. Delete only in the off state;
PL660 There are three to remove either the entire page or just delete all the saved frequency, you can also delete a frequency alone. Removed in the boot state.

View of the old iron: G6 STOP automatically scan search mode is purely tasteless, at least I do not,
The scope and speed of the ATS, including the effect of the G6 total defeat;
I has been brooding on the issue of PL660 in ATS, the default storage page;
G6 can edit the page name of the function to it in the operational aspects of the gain back a lot of face.

Five, the sound
G6 sound this little toy to my surprise, regardless of the loud speaker or headphones. In particular, the noise floor when listening to headphones, PL660 defeat. The loud speaker, due to positioning of the two, she is different, the sound quality is very different. G6 volume is small, but particularly pleasing to the ear, music class, or the human voice, gives a very fun feeling and for a long time to listen to tired, make it difficult to believe that this sound is issued from the little things the. The hardest to bear is the PL660 FM, whether it is music or the human voice, and feels very “choke”, listening to shortwave news hand better. Personally, prefer the G6.

View of the old iron: evaluation of sound is a matter of debate, their preferences and orientation are different and very subjective. But anyway, voice people listen to the first point is to make people hear it clearly hear to understand. As for the bass dive depth, and so belongs to the icing on the cake.
Radio is radio, HIFI. The effect of even the best radio to put out the effect is smaller than the worst effects of HIFI, this is true. Moreover, the positioning of the radio is also different, the pocket-sized machine is pocket-sized, portable machine is the caliber of portable machines, the head and horn was arrayed in it.
People hear clearly hear the musical is the first and foremost.

Six performance

This is a concern to everyone, the next section to speak with a video, to be continued. . .

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